Bloomberg learned of the desire of the Central Bank to prevent the expansion of the Gene Bank in Crimea

The Bank of Russia due to concerns about the financial stability of the Gene pool and reputation of its shareholder Evgeniya Dvoskina in 2014 tried to prevent the expansion of the network of the Bank in the Crimea, but these attempts were blocked due to “powerful political connections” Dvoskina, writes Bloomberg citing two sources, remaining anonymous.

The Agency quotes the words of the Chairman of the National anti-corruption Committee, former FSB officer Kirill Kabanov, Dvoskin “was involved” to cashing. “So Dvoskina many high — ranking patrons,” he said.

Evgeny Dvoskin in an interview with the Agency stressed that the Genebank held a thorough inspection of regulators to expand its presence in Crimea. Allegations of possible involvement in the cashing he denied. “Except that I was under protection of the FSB, means that I launder money for them?” said Dvoskin.

In a press-service of the Central Bank declined to comment. The FSB had not responded to a request for comment.

The Dvoskin came under state protection during the investigation of the case ex-employee of the Ministry of internal Affairs Alexander Sharkevich. His round-the-clock guarded by the FSB, wrote Forbes. Sharkevich was accused that he tried to get with Dvoskina a reward of $400 thousand for the termination of criminal prosecution on the case of money laundering. In 2009 the court acquitted Sharkevich on the episode with bribery, but was sentenced to two years eight months in a penal colony for possession of ammunition for a premium pistol, which he had the search team found more than permitted by law. In 2010, the court revised the sentence and increase the term up to three years in a General regime colony.

A small Russian Bank the Gene Bank opened the first branch in Crimea in early April 2014, shortly after joining the Peninsula to Russia. Since then, he has become the second largest Bank by number of branches in Crimea, RNCB after. GenBank included in the sanctions list of the USA.

Evgeny Dvoskin holds a 7.2% stake in the GenBank and occupies the post of Vice-President. Forbes wrote that “all key decisions in the GenBank” takes it. The CEO of the Bank Elena Ponomareva questions Bloomberg forwarded Dvoskina. “He’s the boss”, — quotes its Agency.