“Daughter” of “Rosneft” to build the pipeline ends Suzun-Vankor

“Daughter” of “Rosneft” to build the pipeline ends Suzun-Vankor

Suzunskoye oil will be transported by pipeline “Suzun-Vankor” trunk pipeline “Vankor-Purpe” through the Central collection point for oil Vankor production site.

VANKOR FIELD (Krasnoyarsk territory), 11 APR. Subsidiary company “Rosneft” — “RN-Vankor” — completes the construction of the linear part of the Intertrade oil pipeline that connected the Suzun and Vankor fields in East Siberia; welded “Golden” weld connecting the pipeline, reports from the scene correspondent.

The length of the pipeline is 99 kilometers.

Currently, the Suzun work is underway on the construction of the oil treatment unit (OTU) design capacity of 5.2 million tons per year, arrangement of well pads, infield pipelines, power lines. Production drilling is carried out on five well pad sites. In addition, after welding of the final joint will continue construction and start-naladochnye work, in particular, on the arrangement of equipment systems automation and communications, power lines, said Deputy Director of the project “Suzun” Anatol Over.

Suzunskoye oil will be transported by pipeline “Suzun-Vankor” trunk pipeline “Vankor-Purpe” through the Central gathering plant (LTP) Vankor production site.

Suzunskoye field is included in the Vankor oil and gas cluster, which is “RN-Vankor”. As of 1 January 2016 the initial recoverable oil reserves in categories ABC1+C2 amount to 56 million tons, gas reserves of 35 billion cubic meters. The commissioning of the Deposit is planned in the second half of 2016.

“Rosneft” reorganized subsidiary company “Vankorneft” in the form of separation from it “RN-Vankor”. “RN-Vankor” will be the legal successor of rights and obligations “Vankorneft”. In September Rosneft and India’s ONGC in the framework of the Eastern economic forum signed a contract of sale of 15% shares of “Vankorneft” and the shareholders ‘ agreement in respect of enterprise management. In addition, in March 2016, the parties signed a Memorandum of understanding envisaging possible buy ONGC 11% “Vankorneft”. Also Rosneft, Oil India, Indian Oil and Bharat Petroresources have signed an agreement on the basic conditions of acquisition by the group of Indian companies to 23.9% stake in “Vankorneft”.