Exchange the food has recorded a video message to Putin

To solve the exchange of food, on which banks are just “mock”, you need immediate intervention of state bodies that have taken after the refusal of the Central Bank from the currency corridor no action to protect ordinary citizens. Such a call has addressed to Vladimir Putin, the participants of the all-Russian movement of currency borrowers (VDWS), who recorded a video message for the annual straight line.

“We want to say that the calculation of the power on loyalty the credit organizations to the citizens during these difficult times is not justified. Banks kick us out. Banks are being sued, in accordance with current legislation, we are simply unscrupulous borrowers, and it is not true… We need to stop killing, to stop flushing,” says in the video, referring to the head of state, a spokeswoman WDWS.

The appeal highlights the fact that decisions at the state level the problem of foreign currency borrowers need to act on three fronts. First, to introduce a moratorium on recovery of loans in foreign currency, secondly, to convert them into rubles, and, thirdly, to carry out de-dollarization of retail banking product.

“To hold normal, high-quality, focused work at the state level that would never got into something that got people foreign currency mortgage”, — explained the representative of VDUS.

Press Secretary WDWS Galina Grigorieva explained that the video message will focus on the traditional direct line of communication of the President with the people, which this year is scheduled on April 14.

Previously borrowers already sought assistance to the President of Russia, but Putin the idea is not supported. During the direct line in 2015, he said that the people who took in the banks foreign currency loans themselves took the risk of exchange rate differences, and therefore help them must not be more supportive of the ruble borrowers.

“To take out a mortgage in the currency appropriate to those who receive salaries in foreign currency. But if a person receives money in rubles, and the mortgage loan taken in foreign currency, as it took on these risks in foreign exchange. The course has changed, and he was,” said the President.

“We heard, “They were”, and we remember about the “blame Themselves”, — stated in today’s circulation of currency borrowers.

In February 2015 the all-Russian movement of currency mortgage borrowers has sent Putin an open letter with the request to oblige banks to convert foreign currency loans into rubles at official Central Bank rate at the date of conclusion of the credit agreement. Thus, a person who gets a mortgage, for example, in late January 2005, will be required to repay the debt balance based on the exchange rate is about 28 rubles per dollar.

The authors of the letter stressed that do not ask them to write off debts, but are willing to do only a “fair” liabilities denominated in the national currency, and therefore asked the President to work on “early adoption of relevant decisions at the state level”. Including because problems in recipients of loans in foreign currency resulted from deterioration in the political situation.