In France arrested $700 million of “Roscosmos” and “Space communications”

Russian state assets arrested in France in the Yukos case, include $400 million, payable satellite operator Eutelsat to the address of FSUE “Space communications”, and $300 million, which the company Arianespace shall pay Roskosmos. This was written by the American law journal The American Lawyer, without revealing the source of information. According to the publication, in the first case we are talking about the fee for the provision of Russian satellite resource, and the second — for the supply of Russian boosters.

The representative of GML (owns companies Hulley Enterprises and Yukos Universal, otsukimi Russia $50 billion) confirmed that the arrests relate to receivables Eutelsat before “Cosmic communication” for the use of the satellite capacity of the Russian Federal state unitary Enterprise, as well as receivables Arianespace before the “Roscosmos” for the supply and maintenance of rockets “Soyuz”. He did not confirm the figure of $300 and 400 million, saying only that the total of those arrested in France, Russian assets is approximately $1 billion.

Earlier it was reported that in France in the case of Yukos arrested payments French companies Arianespace, Eutelsat and Air France due to their Russian counterparts; after publication it was confirmed to “Interfax” the Russian justice Ministry, without naming the affected organizations.

Arianespace brings satellites into orbit from Kourou in French Guiana with the help of the carrier rocket middle class “Soyuz”, which date back to the Soviet launch 1966. Their manufactures of the Samara space-rocket center “Progress”. Since 2011, Arianespace has launched 13 of “Unions”, the next launch is scheduled for April 22, according to the website Arianespace. Two years ago, “Roskosmos” has signed a contract with Arianespace for the supply of seven rocket “Soyuz-ST”, the value of the contract was estimated at $400 million Satellite operator Eutelsat is collaborating with the Federal state unitary enterprise “Space communication” since 1994. In particular, the Russian company provides services to Eutelsat monitoring and management of French spacecraft from the space communications Center in Dubna. In 2012, Eutelsat has contracted 15-year lease satellite capacity on two machines “Space communication” for €300 million.

The representative of Arianespace Claudia Oyo argues that the trial around the charges had no impact on space cooperation with Russia. “We have great cooperation with the Russian Roscosmos space Agency, as is evident from the two runs of the programme Copernicus and Galileo in the coming weeks with the use of the carrier rocket “the Union,” she said . The representative of Roscosmos declined to comment. The representative of the Federal state unitary enterprise refused to comment on the subject of arrests of assets in France, the press service of Eutelsat has not responded to the request. Not responded to the letter and the French defenders from the Russian law firm De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés.

Russia challenged the arrests of money “Roscosmos” and “Space communication” in the French courts of first instance. Decision expected soon — this month, says a representative of GML.

In December the court of appeal of Paris has ordered former Yukos shareholders to send to the special contingent account (escrow) any money they may receive as a result of execution of the Hague arbitral award in France (the court did this to avoid the slip of the arrested funds in the opaque offshore companies before will be completed the appeals process Russia arrests).

Who protects the interests of the state Corporation “Roscosmos” and FGUP “Space communication”, it is not known, but in September 2015, the Federal state unitary enterprise signed a contract with the Paris law firm Belot Malan et Associes on “Advisory services on legal issues and representation services in various fields of law”. The Ministry of justice in December reported that Russian companies have to protect their own interests in the courts of France.

In February, GML disclosed (the Russian side did not confirm that) that have achieved the arrest in France of Bank accounts MIA “Russia today” and the FSUE “Goszagransobstvennost”, about 3% stake in Eutelsat, owned by the “Cosmic connection” and a Bank guarantee of €23 million, which the French gave the “Rosoboronexport” in the framework of the termination of the contract for the construction of ships, helicopter carriers “Mistral”.