Kadyrov asked Putin to deal with the problem of Chechnya

In the letter the head of Chechen island of Ramzan Kadyrov, President of Russia Vladimir Putin, which was at the disposal of the newspaper “Kommersant”, lists a number of projects of authorities of the Republic, which still did not support the Federal government. Among them — the transfer to the region “Chechenneftekhimprom”, the displacement of 25 thousand people from landslide areas and the restoration of Grozny airport.

According to sources of Kommersant, Putin instructed to investigate the situation Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, who, in turn, on 2 April instructed the ministries and agencies until April 15 to submit proposals on financial and property issues associated with the proposals of the authorities of Chechnya.

In a letter to President Kadyrov, which quotes the edition, States that the government, despite the President’s order of 10 December 2015, took the decision to transfer the Republic from the Federal Agency for state property 100% of shares of “Chechenneftekhimprom”. The economic development Ministry, the Finance Ministry and the energy Ministry should present its proposals. The company owns about a thousand oil wells (active 270), two oil refineries, repair facilities, equipment for oil extraction, four depots and over 500 km of pipelines.

In the Ministry of energy noted that the issue of the transfer Chechnya is agreed upon, the documents went to the Ministry of economy in December. In the edition of the Ministry of economy explained that the decision rests on the division of property with Rosneft, which owns 51% of “Grozneftegaz” (established on the basis of oil assets of Chechnya, production is about 400 thousand tons per year) and rents a property complex “of Chechenneftekhimprom”, which is needed for exploration and production. In “Rosneft” this situation “Kommersant” did not comment.

Another question, who in his letter asks to understand the head of Chechnya, — a second phase of restoration of Grozny airport. In early 2014, Chechnya was submitted to the Ministry of transport and Ministry of economic development justification for the allocation in 2015 of funding from the state budget, but the decision is still not accepted, although in General the government supported the project, notes “Kommersant”. From the budget it has already spent about 1 billion rubles To the Finance Ministry on the issue not answered in the Ministry of economic development informed that in the framework of the program of socio-economic development of Chechnya for 2008-2012 were reconstructed airport facilities, but when considering the budget for 2015 and 2016 the government Commission did not support the request of Grozny on additional funds for lengthening the runway. When preparing a budget for 2017-2019 years, the issue will return. According to a source close to the Ministry of transport, the proposal for the 2017-2019 years to about 7 billion rubles for the reconstruction of the runway, taxiway and apron will be directed this year to the relevant ministries.

The third issue mentioned in the letter Kadyrov — the relocation of more than 25 thousand people from landslide areas. The document States that in the year 2015 from the state budget it was allocated 2 billion rubles, managed to resettle only 3869. As noted by Kommersant, Kadyrov says that landslide processes intensified and this can lead to the victim, if not to accept emergency measures. The Ministry of construction and Minkowksi publication confirmed that the resettlement was transferred 2 billion rubles, but on plans for the allocation of new tranches is not mentioned, adding that working on the assignment in question.