Lend Le Pen returned to the Bank in the electronic payment system of the Central Bank

The first Czech-Russian Bank (FCRB) is again connected to the electronic payment system of the Central Bank (BESP), said the portal “Banks.ru” a source in the banking market. “From today, the Bank is again connected to the BESP and has the ability to make interbank transfers,” he said. This information was confirmed by a source close to the Bank of Russia. According to him, the connection need for payments that are “stuck” due to the imposition by the regulator of the moratorium on satisfaction of creditors ‘ claims.

The FCRB has been disconnected from system of electronic payments of the Central Bank on 24 March. On the same day, the Russian regulator has made a decision on the appointment of the Bank provisional administration of the Agency for Deposit insurance (DIA). On 1 April the Bank of Russia has imposed on the credit institution of the moratorium on satisfaction of creditors ‘ claims.

Before that, on 13th March, “Vedomosti” wrote about the limitations of the Central Bank on attraction of means of the population imposed on the work of the FCRB. According to the newspaper, the Bank passed the test controller, which credit institutions have to assess additional reserves. A week later reported that the FCRB has imposed restrictions on withdrawal of deposits. The employee call center of the Bank were then told that to collect the funds from the Deposit amounting to 100 thousand rubles in the same day, over this amount — for the record.

In early March, the Czech national Bank announced the introduction of restrictions on the activities of the Czech “daughter” of the Russian FCRB European — Russian Bank (ERB). The Bank was forbidden to lend to people and to place deposits and also to acquire any assets, except for those which have zero risk and “necessary for normal functioning Bank”.

The FCRB is known for lending a French “National front” headed marine Le Pen. The party at the end of 2014 agreed with the First Czech-Russian Bank on a loan of €9 million That happened after Le Pen said that French banks are reluctant to lend her party.

First Czech-Russian Bank is the 119-th place by assets. It was founded in 1996 on the initiative of the Czech government. Currently the sole owner of the holding is a Russian businessman Roman Popov. According to “Vedomosti”, he worked as the Deputy head of the financial Department of the Corporation Stroytransgaz.

March 25, with reference to the counterparty Bank and a source close to the FCRB indicated that in this credit institution is frozen the funds of the Czech Embassy in Russia and the company “Czech airlines” (CSA Czech Airlines).

Also wrote that since 2002, the owner and client at the same time the FCRB was at that time the largest contractor of “Gazprom” “strojtransgaz”. The counterparty of the Bank said that “Stroytransgaz” have there account, but a source close to the group of “Stroytransgaz”, claimed the company served in it until its controlling owner was Gennady Timchenko, that is, until 2008. “Wrote that the company in the First Czech-Russian Bank accounts, but now there are literally 20 thousand rubles”, — said the interlocutor .