Media reported that the attackers on the police Department suicide bombers

Attack on police station in Novoselytsya district of the Stavropol territory has made three local residents, reported “Interfax” source in emergency services of the region. “According to preliminary data, the attack on the police Department involved in novoselickoe the inhabitants of one of villages of novoselytskyi district,” he said.

The interlocutor of the Agency noted that one of the attackers, identified as Akayev, previously served a prison sentence for the murder of a relative. Official confirmation of this information yet.

Prior to this, the source in law enforcement bodies of the region told Interfax that one of the participants in the attack was a local resident by the name of Akayev. About it told LifeNews.

The incident occurred at about 10 a.m. on Monday. The source in law enforcement bodies told “Interfax” that the attack on the novoselitsky district police station, the fire was thwarted by police, resulting in terrorists had to undermine suicide belt before they reached the goal.

“When unknown people in black robes, presumably non-Slavic appearance, abruptly went to the regional police station and did not react to the warning to stop, police opened fire on them. After getting into one of the suicide bombers that detonated it was on a suicide belt, there was an explosion,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

He added that one of the attackers left the building, the police Department of a grenade that exploded in one of the offices. Another Agency noted that all three were “non-Slavic appearance”. “Currently, three heads of suicide bombers lying near the police station and work with them forensic experts to establish the identity of the bandits,” — said the source Agency.

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The source of Interfax also reported on the search of the car, which, presumably, moved the attackers. According to him, it is a “green domestic car VAZ-21099”.

The representative of the Main Department of internal Affairs the police Department of the Stavropol said that at the point of attack nobody suffered. However, according to a source in local law enforcement, suffered duty police officer at the entrance of the police station — he got a concussion.

Information center of the National antiterrorist Committee (NAK) reported that in novoselickoe the area, entered the legal counter-terrorism operation. To the scene, said the Committee aimed “forces and means of divisions of FSB, the Ministry of internal Affairs and EMERCOM of Russia”.

The source in special services has suggested that we can talk about terrorists, sworn terrorist organization “Islamic state” (LIH, its activity is forbidden in Russia). She took responsibility for the earlier attacks in Dagestan: on 29 March in a suburb of Makhachkala was blown up a convoy of two vehicles of the interior Ministry, the next day there was an explosion at a checkpoint near the police post in the village of Sirtech in the Tabasaran district.

The TV channel “Zvezda” published an eyewitness video from the scene. The video shows a police building which was attacked by militants.