Moscow has risen in the ranking of world financial centers

Russia took the 67 th place in the rating of world financial centers, raised compared to the 2015 year with a 78-th place. The Russian capital is now located between the Islands of Guernsey and the Isle of man, a little inferior to Rome, Madrid and Oslo. The list of 86 cities. The ranking is compiled by Z/Yen Group based on data from the world Bank, the OECD, and the Economist.

The second Russian city in the ranking — St. Petersburg, who took 82 th place. This city in comparison with the previous rating lost one position and now second including Riga and Tallinn. The drafters of the rating indicate that Moscow and St.-Petersburg has considerably lost in reputation and trust experts. In the same situation and cities of Europe (Madrid, Glasgow, Rome, Reykjavik, Athens), affected by the financial crisis in the EU.

The leader of the rating is London outpacing new York. The third place has moved to Singapore, circumventing Hong Kong. Overall in the top ten is dominated by cities in North America and East Asia. Europe in addition to London, represents only the Zurich.

From the cities of Eastern Europe higher — 48-th line — is the capital of Poland Warsaw.

The authors of the study show that the cities of Latin America and Eastern Europe gradually reduce the gap from the leaders. They point out that London risks losing leadership in light of uncertainty with the UK out of the EU.

Creating a rating of Z/Yen, a consulting firm in London, engaged in various researches in the field of modern business. Its rating has existed since 2007 and takes into account factors of 105.