Petersburg economic forum has increased in price by 20%

What you will spend ong>

St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF) this year because of the move could go up to 300 million RUR or by 20%. It follows from the data provided by the company “Recongress”. It this year is organizing the forum and identified by the government as the sole state contractor procurement for the forum.

The forum will be held from 16 to 18 June. Its theme this year — “On the threshold of a new economic reality.” The theme of international block on the agenda — “the Search for new stimuli for development. A look beyond the horizon”, the Russian part of the — “Realizing the economic potential of Russia”, the programme that was current at 8 April. For the first time in 10 years the forum is held at the new location — in Convention and exhibition center “Expoforum”, affiliated with the structures of “Gazprom”. Prior to that, from 2006 international economic forum was held in Lenexpo on Vasilievsky island.

The last two years, the forum organizers tried to increase the costs, although the cost of the work by contractors has increased (last year by 15-30%), said a source close to the organizing Committee of the forum. Last year the total budget of the forum was about 1.2 billion rubles, reported in may 2015 Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko, which was comparable to the cost 2014. The representative of “Rockingness” he added, with VAT the cost of hosting the forum last year was about 1.5 billion rubles In this year’s budget forum will be “approximately” to 1.8 billion rubles, and gave the head of “Rockingness” Alexander Stuglev through a representative.

Who will spend

More than half of the total budget of the forum will make contributions of partners-sponsors, clarifies Stuglev. The General partners are Rosneft, Gazprom, VEB and Sberbank, Bank VTB — General sponsor and strategic partner — “Russian grids” ( waits for comments from these companies). About a third of the total budget is made up of registration fees, reported Stuglev. Finally, about 10% is the organization of exhibitions and “other income”. These articles include “personal service” companies and participants that they order, and payment for exhibitors exhibition space. Directly from the Federal budget will be financed with around 2% of costs.

At the moment of release notes the largest cost associated with the holding of the forum, has published “Lenenergo”, “Gazprom Expo”, Vnesheconombank, Sberbank and VTB. Vnesheconombank intends to sign a contract of rendering services on organization and arrangement of expositions for the Bank at SPIEF 18,36 million rubles. “Gazprom Expo” among other things purchases services arrangement “presentation of the office of the Chairman of the Board of PJSC Gazprom (Alexei Miller). The contract is concluded for 33,1 million rbl. And the savings Bank orders booking services and hotel accommodation Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St.Petersburg, “Astoria” and “crown Plaza St. Petersburg Airport” on the forum for 26.9 million rubles, and also services in organization of exhibition stands for Bank on St. Petersburg and Sochi forums this year for the 52.5 million rubles, VTB Bank buys services on organization of “events” on June 16 in the framework of SPIEF for 59 million rubles., the price of another purchase of VTB SPIEF organizing is 58 million rubles. — purchase from a single counterparty (the”Rockingness”) for the right to conclude contract for the provision of the sponsorship contribution for the organization and conduct of the forum.

Among state agencies of the notice of procurement to the forum published the Moscow government and the Committee on industrial policy and innovation of St. Petersburg. The Department for external economic and international relations of Moscow buys 9.8 million rubles. services in holding of the international conference in the framework of SPIEF. The Committee on industrial policy and innovation of St. Petersburg in 47,5 million rbl. evaluates the contract on rendering services on organization of the exposition and of the city “events at the St. Petersburg international economic forum.”

Who earns

Manages the new venue, the Expoforum connected with structures “Gazprom”. Company “Expoforum” acted as the customer of construction of the new Convention center as part of the agreement between the government of St. Petersburg and one of the companies of group “Gazprom”, the site says, “Expoforum”. In November 2011 Expoforum purchased Lenexpo portfolio of exhibitions. In June 2015 Executive Director “Expoforum-international” Sergey Voronkov told “Interfax” that in place of “Lenexpo” will build houses, a business center and “small Congress centre”, as well as sea promenade the promenade and the yacht club. Deputy General Director of “Expoforum-international” is Ivan Mironov (the owner of 20% of the company according to the register). “Novaya Gazeta” claimed in April 2014 that she is a half-brother of a member of the Board of “Gazprom” Cyril Seleznev.

The representative of Expoforum, refused to answer questions, how much the company can earn on holding the forum, as did the representative of “Rockingness”.

The interlocutor , for several years engaged in the organization of the forum, said that the site earns mainly due to the rental of premises and equipment. And the representative of the Ministry of economic development reported that for the rental of the venue and equipment, as well as the advertising campaign is spent from the Federal budget. The purchase notification will be published in early may, said a source in the Ministry. The share of Federal funding will amount to 2.1% of the total budget of the forum, said Stuglev.