Sister Savchenko reported about the failure of the extradition soldier

In his Facebook Faith Savchenko wrote that while the Ukrainian politicians to form a coalition in the Verkhovna Rada, broke agreements about human life — “the main European values”. “Poroshenko, Putin, bring back Nadia”, — stated in the message on the social network.

The Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” Vira Savchenko explained that, according to her own sources, agreement on the release of her sister’s broken. In addition, it accused the Ukrainian politicians in PR and no real steps for the release of the pilots.

“First pick up the man, and then the spin and tell you what it will be next week. Take, and then will the PR selfie to do,” she said.

Faith Savchenko said that her sister, who continues a dry hunger strike, agreed to the access of Russian doctors, “because no Germans and Ukrainians will not wait”,

Consent of Nadiya Savchenko regular health check-UPS on the morning of April 11, reported the press service of the Federal service of execution of punishments. There indicated that convicted gave written consent and the beginning of maintenance therapy.

On March 22, the Donetsk town court of the Rostov region sentenced Nadezhda Savchenko to 22 years in a General regime colony, and recognized its guilty of death of the VGTRK journalists Igor Kornelyuk and Anton Voloshin in the Donbass.

After the verdict, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in a special video message offered to exchange the Ukrainian woman for “two Russian servicemen” — the Alexander of Alexander and Evgeny Erofeev. Kiev claims that they were soldiers of the GRU and was located on the territory of Ukraine illegally. In Moscow repeatedly stated that Alexandrov and Erofeev at the time of the trip to Lugansk region has already resigned from the Armed forces of Russia

On 5 April the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the decision on the possible transfer of Savchenko to the Ukrainian side no. “Hardly here a broad public discussion”, — he added.

On 9 April, the lawyer Savchenko Ilya Novikov said that the negotiations for the transfer of pilots “are moving in the right direction”. “Next week we are waiting for some fundamental news,” he said.