The Bank “Tinkoff” has limited some customers card transactions

That the Bank “Tinkoff” has blocked access to the Internet Bank and raised the limit for cash withdrawal with debit cards in 3 thousand rbl. a day, his customers said in various Bank forums on the Internet, in particular, several complaints appeared on the portal “”.

One of the customers of the Bank Alexey Pirogov said that on 7 April he attempted to log in the Internet Bank, but there “popped up” error message with the suggestion to contact the Bank. “A Bank employee reported that access to Internet Bank is blocked and that the withdrawal of cash debit card has a limit in the amount of 3 thousand rubles per day. For purchases of goods there are no restrictions. After that, I wrote an e-mail message to the Bank, and in return received that unlock is impossible”, — said Pies.

Another customer of the Bank — Vadim Zharikov told that it was the same thing on 8 April.

The press service of the Bank “Tinkoff” has confirmed these facts, attributing them to a technical glitch. “There was a technical error due to which the Bank has restricted two dozen clients’ remote servicing. The error was corrected, the access for these customers will be restored in the shortest possible time”, — says the press service of the request .

Director on Bank ratings “Expert RA” Stanislav Volkov explains that usually such locks are associated with the recommendations of the Central Bank to reduce the volume of doubtful operations. “The second possible reason is liquidity problems, the real technical problems only in third place. However, the second factor less likely. In the case of Tinkoff Bank, the first reason seems most likely,” said Volkov.

The CEO of Bank Oliver Hughes said that the Bank is constantly monitoring questionable transactions. “And if the client performs these operations, it can receive the denial of service. Crashing is not related to this issue,” he said.

On 6 April the Bank “Tinkoff” reported that the Central Bank has held it in check. The Bank took the inspection report of the Central Bank note, the report says.

In February at a meeting of bankers with the regulator in Bor, the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina said that the Bank of Russia has noticed the intensification of old patterns where you can withdraw money using a Bank card. For whatever reason, the scheme became popular again, Nabiullina did not specify, noting only that for cashing in-country attackers use payment cards for mass segment. The share cards are small amounts, but their number is huge, she said.