The lender suspected the leadership of the “Tsentrobuv” in the withdrawal

The Gazprombank has addressed to the head of the Moscow Department of internal Affairs for combating economic crimes and corruption, General-major Sergey Solopov c the request for an evaluation of the financial performance of the beneficiaries and management of the JSC “trading house “Tsentrobuv”, reports “Kommersant”.

In a statement, a copy of which is at the publication, said that in 2013-2014 the Bank has concluded an agreement on opening a credit line to LLC “Centro” and JSC “trading house “Tsentrobuv” to Finance economic activity.

To secure the return of funds the borrower has provided the Bank guarantee for each other. Upon expiration of refund this year, companies have accumulated arrears to Gazprombank for RUB 8.6 billion From the text of the statement follows that the Gazprombank management suspects “Tsentrobuv” in withdrawal, the newspaper reports.

According to sources of Kommersant, Gazprombank averaged 12 transactions, the validity of which was in doubt. Trofim Popov, the lawyer representing the Bank, confirmed that his client’s “issues” to the owners and the management of a retailer for a number of trades and financial transactions, including credit facilities with Gazprombank. “We ask to check whether they wore a fictitious character,” he said.

The lawyer believes that the transactions could materially affect the financial position of the “Centro” and trading house “Tsentrobuv”, “what led to the inability of borrowers to meet their credit obligations.” The statement mentioned one of the owners “Tsentrobuv” — Sergey Lomakin, called the controlling shareholder, the newspaper notes.