The new government of Ukraine: who will appear and will remain in the next government

April 12 could be the last working day of Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who announced on April 10 about his resignation. Fraction of the outgoing Prime Minister of “people’s front” offers on Tuesday in the Verkhovna Rada to address all staffing issues: to update the governing coalition, to vote for a new Prime Minister and the Cabinet of Ministers and Prosecutor General, told journalists the head of the faction Maksym burbak.

That the vote on the approval of the new Prime Minister and the government will be assured in the presidential “Block Poroshenko”. If the deputies will not be able to choose a new Prime Minister, Yatsenyuk might remain the acting, told “Radio Liberty” Vice-Chairman of the faction PPO Alexey Goncharenko. However, he is confident that the Parliament will gather the required number of deputies who will support the change of government.

Ukrainian political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko not sure that the Parliament will have to vote on all questions on Tuesday. In his opinion, in this case, work will continue on Thursday.

The government for two

After the revolution of 2014, the political system was changed and a candidate for the post of Prime Minister is made by the President on proposal of coalition of Deputy factions, which includes the majority of MPs (at least 226). The current Cabinet was formed by a coalition of five parties, it has 20 Ministers.

After 16 February in Parliament is not enough votes to send in the resignation of Yatsenyuk, the coalition has virtually collapsed. New formed two factions — the “Block of Petro Poroshenko” and “Popular front” without the participation of other factions. As of Monday the PPO and “Popular front” to form the coalition lacked four deputies, the head of the faction PPO Yuriy Lutsenko. His Deputy Goncharenko expressed confidence that it will be possible to create a coalition and avoid early parliamentary elections.

In the current two Ministers were appointed direct by the quota of the President — Minister of defense Stepan Poltorak and foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin. Of the remaining 18 Ministers appointed by the coalition, was represented by eight “Block of Petro Poroshenko”, five “popular front”, two were from the “Batkivschyna” and “Samopomich”, one from the Radical party. Invited Ministers-foreigners are also formally represented the political faction. Finance Minister a US citizen Natalie Jaresko was “Samopomosh”, and Alexander Kvitashvili from Georgia — BPP.

Ukrainian media in recent weeks reported that the President and the Prime Minister consider such a government, which will include only representatives of their factions.

The Cabinet of Ministers on the basis of the two factions will be more loyal to the President than the current, but we should not forget that some of the Ministers will be the party of Yatsenyuk in the case of conflict between the two factions of the government will simply cease to exist, indicates Ukrainian political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko.

Changer Yatsenyuk

“People’s front” says that Yatsenyuk became the first Prime Minister of Ukraine, voluntarily resigned over the past 25 years. Yatsenyuk is the thirteenth Prime. Voluntarily to resign was also filed Witold Fokin and Vitaly Masol, both in connection with retirement.

Often left the premiere, because they were dismissed, after which they left for work in the Parliament, recalled by the Ukrainian portal “New time”. Yatsenyuk has held his post since 2014. For the longest time the Prime Minister spent living in Russia Mykola Azarov — from 2010 to 2014.

The only candidate for the post of Prime Minister is 38-year-old Chairman of the Parliament Volodymyr Groysman, produced by PPB. Before running for Parliament in 2014 and two terms (since 2006) worked for the mayor of Vinnitsa. In his youth he engaged in business, then was a Deputy of the city Council. In July 2014 he spent two weeks was acting Chairman of the government.

From Vinnitsa Poroshenko was elected Deputy in 2012, the winery is one of the basic regions for business Poroshenko and his family, the Union and Poroshenko Groysman was formed, when Poroshenko was elected to Parliament four years ago, says Fesenko. However, the analyst indicates that Groysman is unlikely to be fully controlled by the President, especially since he is not a member of the PPO, and in regional elections last autumn, the people from the current Chairman of the Parliament went to the polls not on the PPB, and from his own party.

The Groisman says that he has the necessary experience to work as a Prime Minister. “I owe you one. I can work 24 hours a day,” he said on Monday.

If approved, the coalition of the two factions, and the political situation can be stabilized until the fall, but if Groysman will soon be able to approve in Parliament a programme for government, the Cabinet will receive immunity from dismissal for one year, indicates Fesenko.

New and old Ministers

The reformation of the government provokes several changes in power structures. Groysman on Monday said that to enter into the composition of the new Cabinet, says the head of the presidential administration Borys Lozhkin. “As far as I know, he is still the final decision on joining the government is not adopted, such a possibility was considered,” — said Groisman at a briefing, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

Groisman if approved, will become vacant and the post of VR. His place may be taken by the representative of the NF Andriy Parubiy, who is now Deputy Chairman of the Parliament, reports “RIA Novosti”.

Negotiations on the composition of the Cabinet of Ministers lasted several months. In recent days their progress was influenced by the scandal with the discovery in “Panama dossier” of offshore companies registered with President Poroshenko, it strengthened the negotiating position of Yatsenyuk and his people claim to six ministries, including the preservation of the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, and the head of the Ministry of justice Pavel Petrenko, writes the Ukrainian edition of “Apostrophe”. The Deputy from “Popular front” Anton Gerashchenko reported earlier that the PPB and the PF agreed that Avakov and Petrenko will remain at their posts.

I have not yet decided on who will work in the economic block of the government. Groysman said that discussed the format of cooperation with the Slovak reformer Ivan Miklos. Ex-Finance Minister of Slovakia confirmed that he was offered to become a Minister, but he has several conditions, one of which is the possibility of retaining Slovak citizenship. Now Miklos is an Advisor to the Minister of Finance Natalia Yaresko.

Ukrainian political analyst Vadim Karasev said that Jaresko is almost guaranteed to resign from his post as Finance Ministers. However, the MP from the PPO Vadim Denisenko said to the Ukrainian journalists that the new Cabinet it will work.

The Ambassador of Canada in Ukraine Roman Vashchuk advised to keep in the new government of Ministers-reformers from the Cabinet of Yatsenyuk, told Ukrainian news. Such Ministers referred not only Jaresko, and Minister of agrarian policy Oleksiy Pavlenko, Minister of economy and trade of Aivaras Abromavicius, Ukrainian is reminiscent of the edition “Left coast”.

Attorney General without experience

On Monday, the head of the faction PPO Yuriy Lutsenko stated that the President Poroshenko starts talks on the selection of candidates for the post of attorney General. It became vacant after the resignation of Viktor Shokina.

In late February, the Deputy from the faction “Samopomich” Yegor Sobolev said that the members of the Committee on legislative support of law enforcement discussed few candidates: Yuriy Lutsenko, or the Chairman of the Donetsk regional military-civil administration zhebrivskyi.

In mid-March, 70 deputies collected signatures in support of the appointment of Lutsenko. However, Lutsenko could not yet take the post for formal reasons: he doesn’t have legal education and experience of work in bodies of Prosecutor’s office. The Parliament has already amended that can modify these rules. However, such revision of the legislation has led to criticism not only from opposition but also his party colleagues. BPP Deputy Sergei Leshchenko suggested that in such circumstances, you can nominate it and it does not have the education and experience of work, but his journalistic work has sparked many investigations.

Option with the appointment of Lutsenko possible — this will keep political control over the prosecution and can contribute to reform what has not coped Shokin, summarizes Fesenko.