The Russians believed in the fall of the dollar and 49 rubles a year

The majority of Russians are confident that in the coming months, the ruble will be strengthened and the year after will rise in price by more than 40%, a research of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM). According to the average estimate of participants conducted by the VTsIOM survey, by the end of June the dollar will drop to 63 rubles, and by the end of March 2017 for the American currency will be given only 49 rubles.

A month earlier, the majority of respondents of the VCIOM respondents expected that the dollar will slowly rise and after a year his course will be in the region of 83 rubles.

During today’s trading on the Moscow stock exchange there is a noticeable strengthening of the ruble, the exchange rate which followed the rise in oil prices. After the price of a barrel of Brent passed today for $40,6, the value of the dollar on the Moscow exchange fell to RUR 67,161, which is 86,7 kopecks below the closing level yesterday.

“When the exchange rate declines, the company shows acceptance of the fact that the ruble will weaken, but not by much. In a situation when the ruble is growing, the Russians, on the contrary, expect a considerable strengthening. This reaction suggests that in the public mind has developed a deep belief in the fundamental, that is having a serious economic base the strength of the ruble,” — says leading expert-consultant of the monitoring and research of electoral Polls Oleg chernozub.

In late March, the Russian President’s adviser Sergei Glazyev said that the current exchange rate of the ruble is undervalued against the us currency three times, and the real purchasing power of the dollar is equivalent to 23-25 rubles.

Published in early 2016 by The Economist “big Mac index” that the real value of the dollar is 23,12 rbl.

According to the Chernozub, faith in a bright future of the ruble is also manifested in the gradual increase in the number of Russians who stored their savings in rubles. However, the latter process is extremely slow: in comparison with January 2016 the share of Russians who have entrusted savings ruble grew by only 2% (from 55% to 57%), as compared to January has not changed at all.

In dollars and euros of savings is now being stored 3% and 2% of Russians, respectively. In foreign currency traditionally invested primarily Muscovites and St. Petersburg residents (10%) and citizens with high income (11%).

More than a third of Russians (38%), according to the latest Polls, have no savings.

Earlier research holding “ROMIR” has reported that the proportion of Russian families with no savings rose to a record level of 73%. In this case, every eighth family (12%) lost previously accumulated during the current crisis, and 61% of the “stash” for a rainy day never had before.

According to analysts Sberbank CIB, the proportion of representatives of the Russian middle class having no savings at the beginning of 2016 rose to 41%, whereas at the end of 2015 had no savings, 36% of respondents.