Trump lost to Cruz in a primary election in Colorado

The candidate in US presidents from Republican party, Senator Ted Cruz spared billionaire Donald trump in a primary election in Colorado. About it reports The Washington Post.

Cruz has enlisted the support of all the 34 delegates from Colorado. However, primary elections in this state are not in the format of Caucuses or primaries, as the vast majority of other States, but in the form of the Congress of delegates. As he wrote in The Washington Post, because of this system delegates, “associated” with one candidate, they can choose to vote for another.

For the nomination to be the Republican nominee needs to be supported by 1237 delegates. Trump, according to Real Clear Politics, now support 743 delegate, Cruz — 566.

The Democrats who to nominate need 2382 delegate, the leader of the ex-U.S. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton (1756 delegates, including 469 superdelegates — the highest functionaries of the Democratic party). Its rival, the Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders — have secured the support of 1037 delegates (including 31 super delegates).