Dozens of deputies of “United Russia” decided not to run for the state Duma

Call Gromova

More than 40 deputies of the state Duma from “United Russia” will not be re-elected to the Parliament from the ruling party. This follows from published on a special website the list of participants in the primaries of the party — MPs have not applied for participation in the primaries.

Primaries “United Russia” — a mandatory procedure of the party vote for the selection of candidates. They appointed on 22 may, the submission deadline expired on 10 April, but their publication on the website goes so far. At the time of publication of the article on the website of the primaries were published 2903 applications. In the Duma fraction of United Russia consist of 238 deputies.

Prominent leader of the United Russia in these lists no former Governor of Moscow region Boris Gromov, the multimillionaire Boris Zubitsky, Vladislav Reznik and Alexander Remezkov, the former Chairman of the Duma Committee on economic policy and former member of the cooperative “Sosny” Igor Rudensky, the defendant in the “offshore scandal” Alexander Babakov, the former Chairman of the state Duma Committee on financial market Natalia Burykina.

General Gromov has been the Moscow region Governor 12 years — 2000-2012 He was re-elected for a fourth term, becoming in may 2012, a Senator from the Moscow region. The year after Gromov moved from the Federation Council in the Duma, having received the mandate of Dmitry Sablin (he took a chair to the Senator). In Parliament, Gromov became a member of the Committee on international Affairs.

The representative of the Gromov asked them to send the request by email, however during the day not answered it. Gromov has a high rating in the suburbs, so it might not be useful to the party in the elections, according to a source close to the Kremlin.

Business as a hindrance

The interlocutors close to the Kremlin, spoke of the desire of the presidential administration to bring business leaders from the Parliament. What this setting does exist, confirms the absence of wealthy deputies among candidates for re-election on party lists power.

Zubicky — third by revenue among the state Duma deputies. According to estimates , in 2014 his income amounted to 636 million rubles owned by the MP pointed out three apartments (one in Switzerland), three blocks of land, a dwelling house, garage, two Parking spaces, one car brand Bentley and two Mercedes-Benz.

Zubitsky the representative confirmed that he had not applied for the primaries, but from further declined to comment.

Income zampredsedatelya of the Committee on legislation Alexander remezkova last year amounted to 331,4 mln Remezkov — author of the bill about objective truth. This and a number of other initiatives remezkova were consonant with the ideas of the Investigative Committee of Russia. The MP was not available for comment on Monday.

First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on financial market Vladislav Reznik has declared 2014 375,25 million rubles Reznik in the Duma since 1999. In March this year, the MP was declared in the international search on request of Spain. The parliamentarian is charged with involvement in a criminal group and money laundering.

Contact Resnick failed, his representative said in the primaries he will not participate. The Deputy intends to be elected to the Duma, but not from the “United Russia”, said a familiar Resnick.

Alexander Babakov was elected to the state Duma in 2003 from the party “Rodina”. In October 2006, Babakov was elected Secretary of the Presidium of the Central Council of the party “Fair Russia: Motherland/Pensioners”. In 2007, was re-elected to the Duma and became Vice-speaker, and since 2011 the faction of United Russia.

Forbes called Babakov one of the beneficiaries of VS Energy International, together with the owner of football club CSKA Evgeny Giner. In early April, the MP became one of the Russian officials, who found the documents on offshore Panamanian company Mossak Fonseca.

Babakov, the representative promised to pass a reporter’s questions and asked to call back, but the phone did not take.

Minus the chairs

Igor Rudensky reported earlier that it plans to participate in the primaries of “United Russia” and, accordingly, to be elected in the new Duma. He did not explain the reasons for the decision.

Rudensky has long been considered close to the leadership of the political block of the Kremlin. He was a dacha cooperative “Sosny”, which includes the first Deputy head of the presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin, Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko, Secretary of the General Council “United Russia” Sergei Neverov. Rudensky has long been included in the General Council of the ruling party, and also headed the Duma Committee on economic policy.

But lately he consistently lost all the posts. A year ago, he has dismissed the head of the Duma Committee, and earlier this year withdrew from the General Council. Besides, as told earlier Neverov, Rudensky got out of the cooperative “Sosny”.

He tends more to business than politics, Neverov explained. A source close to the party leadership, argues that Rudensky have any problems in the relationship with the domestic unit, therefore its departure from the state Duma logical.

Burykina resigned as the Chairman of the Committee on the financial market in February 2015. As told by interlocutors in the state Duma, she had an uneasy relationship with the leadership of the faction of United Russia, and with nanosymposium Central Bank. After retiring from the post of Chairman of the Finance Committee, she became a member of the Committee for property. Burykina and her assistants could not get through.