Greece has promised by may to negotiate with creditors

Greece has promised by may to negotiate with creditors

Moscow. April 11. Greek authorities expect by the beginning of may to reach agreement with creditors. The agreement will open the country to access the next portion of loans from third aid programme.

“We have almost the same evaluation with the European Commission, said Minister of state for Greece, Nikos Pappas, in an interview with Bloomberg. – What needs to be done in the following days, so this is to reduce “nearly identical” to assess fully the same.”

Representatives of the European Commission, the European Central Bank (ECB) and International monetary Fund (IMF) are in Athens, discussing with the Greek authorities to reduce expenditure and reform, necessary to meet the conditions the third country programme assistance to the amount of 86 billion euros.

According to Pappas, the main point of disagreement is the treatment of bad loans, burdening the balance sheets of Greek banks.

The parties ‘ positions on such issues as the reform of the pension system and the system for calculating the income tax, bonded, noted Pappas.

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said on Sunday that the parties “will find a solution in the coming weeks”.

According to him, this decision “will not have anything to do with the write-off of Greek debt and will be consistent with the fact that Greece must do more” to make its economy competitive.

Germany has repeatedly opposed the write-off of Greek debt, but had declared his readiness to discuss the possibility of reducing the debt burden of the country in the form of extending loans and concessional loans.

Greece does not need loans in the near future, funds will be needed in July of this year, when the country will have to pay the ECB € 3.5 billion.