Gref has not yet found in “Panama dossier” topical issues of Sberbank

Gref has not yet found in “Panama dossier” topical issues of Sberbank

The representatives of Sberbank “very careful” to question “established a group to conduct an internal inquiry into all these things”, and Friday will be the first results, said the head of Bank Herman Gref.

MOSCOW, 12 APR. Sberbank next Friday plans to complete the study materials on “the Panama document”, holds on the subject of official investigation, but not previously found in the publications of topical questions on which we would have to respond, said the head of the largest Russian Bank Herman Gref.

“We haven’t finished exploring all of the matters and transactions. I think we a maximum of a week is probably required. We carefully approached, we established a group to conduct an internal inquiry into all these things, and I think Friday will be the first results,” Gref told journalists on Tuesday.

A number of media reports published in early April, allegedly documents the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, which, according to the publication, indicate the involvement of some world leaders and their entourage to offshore schemes. Affected publications and “Troika Dialog”, which through offshore companies allegedly acted in the interests of influential players as an agent for the control of stakes in major Russian automakers AVTOVAZ and KAMAZ. Sberbank has bought the managing company “Troika Dialog” in 2012, her current name is MC “Sberbank Asset Management”.

“The first conclusions that we can already do: we have completed the deal to acquire Troika in December 2012, all the questions relate to the period much earlier. While we did not find any questions that had to answer,” — said Gref.

He commented and another publication — edition of the Observer with reference to “the Panama papers” wrote that the savings Bank and its subsidiaries use the services of the company of Podesta Group lobbyists in Washington to create a positive image, and is headed by one of the major fundraisers for the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, Tony Podesta.

About contained in this article, the conclusion that allegedly Sberbank is financing the electoral campaign Clinton the purpose of the subsequent easing of sanctions, Gref said: “strange what We sew. We can only smile, perhaps, bear to respond.” On the eve itself Sberbank CIB, the investment division of Sberbank, confirmed the agreement with the Podesta Group, indicating that the involvement of external consultants is part of standard business practices.