Group VTB has acquired a tower “Eurasia” in the business center “Moscow-city”

Group VTB has acquired a tower “Eurasia” in the business center “Moscow-city”

The price per square meter on average amounted to 251 thousand rubles, said the representative of VTB. The cost of the entire facility is estimated at 48,5 billion rubles.

MOSCOW, 12 APR. Group VTB became the owner of the Eurasia tower in business center “Moscow-city”, said Tuesday in a press-service VTB.

Earlier the Federal Antimonopoly service has approved the request of the company “VB-service” (part of VTB) to purchase 99,55% of the shares in LLC “Plaza”, which owns the skyscraper Eurasia.

“VTB confirms the closing of the transaction, in which the group of “VTB Bank” became the property of the tower “Eurasia” 193,405 total area of thousand square meters”, – have informed in a press-service.

According to the representative of VTB, the cost of 1 square meter on the average amounted to 251 thousand. Thus, the value of the object is estimated 48.5 billion.

The transaction was carried out in fulfillment of loan obligations the company Coulteria in front of the Bank of Moscow, noted in a press-service. Coulteria affiliated with Federation Council member Suleiman Kerimov,

In the tower of the “Eurasia” plans to place the headquarters of the Bank of Moscow and “VTB 24” (part of the group “VTB”), was previously reported. VTB already owns a property in “Moscow-city”: the group holds a large portion of the West tower of the Federation complex, which is its headquarters.