Kudrin reiterated the possibility of returning to work for the state

“I now consider a proposal to session one of the leadership positions. This is a job for the state, but the other forecasts is an exaggeration,” said Kudrin, answering questions of journalists on the sidelines of the forum of Exchange (quoted by “Interfax”).

The former Minister explained that journalists are always “in a hurry” somewhere “to appoint”, and on the development of alternative economic programmes outside the government speech does not go yet.

“Now I’m a member of the Presidium of the economic Council under the President, and we want to reopen it,” noting that he was not going to leave the post of head of Committee of civil initiatives.

That Kudrin can take one of the leading posts in the CSR, said yesterday with reference to its sources in the government and founded the ex-Minister of the Committee of civil initiatives. According to a source close to the presidential administration, on the basis of the CSR will prepare an economic program for President. “Kudrin discusses with the President the formal possibility to write a program outside the government,” claimed the source.

The possibility of bringing the ex-Minister to write programs to guide the country on Tuesday and commented on in the Kremlin. “Kudrin has excellent knowledge, he is one of the successful members of the Cabinet of Ministers in our country, one of the best Finance Ministers in the world, so of course it would be wrong not to use his expertise to build these or those plans”, said the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov in an interview with reporters, the correspondent. However, he said that I wouldn’t now say, “in what forms” will attract Kudrin.