Rogozin told about his flat “for 500 million rubles.”

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin in an interview to “echo of Moscow” has told, how he came to the apartment, that the anti-corruption organisation Transparency International has estimated in 500 million roubles, naming these figures are nonsense.

According to the Vice Premier, apartment, referred to in the publication by Transparency International, got him in an exchange for an apartment in Tishinsky lane, which he had previously been granted leave as a senior official and subsequently privatized.

The Vice-Premier said that when he returned from Brussels, where he worked as Russian Ambassador, he had no housing. “No apartment, no questioning, nothing. Obviously, I had to go. I appealed to the leadership of the government to provide me as a high-ranking official housing”, – said Rogozin.

On specifying question, whether it was a service apartment, the Deputy Prime Minister said: “This is not a service apartment. Service apartment – it cannot be privatized by law. It was flat, provided me in personal use. And consequently, I had a full right to its privatization, I certainly did, and hoped to live there”, — he explained.

Further, according to Rogozin, he and the wife wanted to find something closer to son and grandchildren. “We have found such an apartment,” — said Rogozin. “This is one apartment, which consists of two connected apartments. Accordingly, since it is, after all, a lower floor that is the basement, and the basement, then first floor. But the wife wanted the apartment, because she needed a music Studio. She writes songs, she is the author of music and words, her songs have become popular. I love the fact that it’s working. So we looked for an option in which it would be possible, without disturbing neighbors, her record, of course, songs and so on,” – said Rogozin.

In the end, said Deputy Prime Minister, was made the exchange. “I changed the apartment, which I privatize at Tishinka, this prestigious apartment, to the apartment, which was more living space, but its owner has agreed to return because he, well, wanted for some reason to move to the center, to the house where he felt the most pleasant of my life further,” said Rogozin.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that the cost of the apartment specified in the materials of Transparency International, is not true. “The numbers that appear in all of these so-called revelations, they too, of course. < … > Well, it is not worth the money. This is nonsense! Nonsense!”, he said.

“In the documents of the exchange is the sum of 31 million rubles”, — said Rogozin, adding that this is the cadastral value. “But, actually, the market value of these apartments is not. This apartment of Administration [of President]”, he added.

“And that apartment is worth 29 million (which were exchanged). The inventory on the inventory. 31 and 29, but there’s still three Parking spaces. So worked out about the same. And so the lawyer offered to do it just means of sharing one house,” said Deputy Prime Minister.

“Moreover, when I produced this exchange, I, of course, filed all the documents in tax, reported in the presidential administration, the relevant Department, in which I was obliged to report any changes in their property. They conducted the appropriate test and, strictly speaking, the question was closed”, — said Rogozin.

In late March, the Russian branch of Transparency International has reported that it has found an apartment worth 500 million rubles, which, according to NGOs, may belong to Rogozin. It was about the apartment with an area of 346 square meters, which is located on Starovolynskaya the street. The cost of the property exceeds half a billion rubles, according to Transparency, which is ten times the income of the family of Vice-Premier in four years.