Sberbank launched an investigation after the publication of “the Panama document”

Sberbank has created a working group, which began the internal investigation after the publication of “the Panama document”. About it has informed journalists the head of the state Bank Herman Gref, the correspondent .

The first conclusions indicate that the offshore savings Bank scandal innocent, said Gref. However, the results can be summed up only after 15 April, when the investigation is complete.

In “the Panama papers,” which were published by the International consortium of investigative journalism (ICJI), appears the Russian investment company “Troika dialog”, which since 2012 belongs to Sberbank. Previously the company was owned by businessman Ruben Vardanyan.

In the investigation of ICJI stated that Putin loyalist Sergei Roldugin was involved in a covert operation to obtain control of KAMAZ. According to the investigation, in 2007, “Troika Dialog”, as the owner of a major stake of the automaker, has transferred all rights on management of the company Avtoinvest Ltd (managed shares of KAMAZ) offshore Avto Holdings Ltd. In the end, Avto Holdings Ltd received the right to participate in shareholders ‘ meetings Avtoinvest and pick up 95% of dividends. It was stated that 15% of the offshore company owned Roldugina through his company Sonnette Overseas.

Gref, commenting on the publication “the Panama document”, earlier called “do not fry hot cakes” from these data. He emphasized that any conclusions to do while early, but to study the information “you need at least a couple of weeks.” He also noted that “this is all politicized”.

At the same time he emphasized that he knows that in the investigation referred to “Troika Dialog”. Gref added, however, that “the Panama document” talking about the period before the purchase of the company by Sberbank.

Overall, “the Panama document” said that people “from the inner circle” of Putin was transferred through offshore companies at least $2 billion.

In response, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the investigation “is the continuation of the information exercises” against the Russian President. He called the publication catapulted and added that the main point of attack is directed against Russia “and against President Putin personally”.

“Panama dossier” previously commented and personally the head of state. At onf media forum in St. Petersburg. Putin called musician’s friend Sergei Roldugin his youth and a brilliant musician. “The Panama document” the President has called “attempts to destabilize from within, to make us more docile and brush us as they want”.

Meanwhile, Putin spoke about the business Roldugin. According to the President, the musician “was a minority shareholder in one of our companies.” It is something they earned, and it’s not billions of dollars, billions is absolute rubbish,” said Putin, adding that almost all the money Roldugin spends on the purchase of musical instruments abroad and brought them to Russia.