The Central Bank introduced a temporary administration in the Bank “BFG-Credit”

The Bank of Russia introduced on Tuesday, April 12, a temporary administration in the Bank “BFG-Credit” for a period of six months. Its purpose, stated in the press release of the regulator, is the examination of the financial condition of the Bank.

“BFG-Credit”, as follows from the data, average size of assets of the private Moscow Bank, business interests are concentrated in the regions.

Is among the hundred largest banks by assets, according takes 91 place.

The main beneficiaries of the Bank “BFG-Credit” are Galina and Yuri Glotser (spouse) jointly controlling 45% stake in the share capital. Khoroshilova Tamara belongs to 19.5%, the U.S. citizen Eugene Maftsir — 10%, 15,5% of the share capital of the Bank through the Cyprus company “Festoria Consultans limited” controls Tatyana Sycheva. Another 10% through the Cyprus company “Cosa holdings limited” controls Oleg Reshetnikov. claim that among its clients — “the First channel”, RTR and information Agency “Russia today”.