The idea to forbid night trade of cigarettes in the state Duma was connected with the elections

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on health protection Sergey Furgal (LDPR) considers the proposal of his colleague in the faction, member of Committee on security of Dmitry Nosov, excessive, not justified and have no prospects for adoption. “The prohibition of night sale of cigarettes is a battle with Smoking, and with smokers, and therefore citizens. The number of smokers will not reduce it,” he said .

On Wednesday morning, “RIA Novosti” reported that Nosov has prepared a bill prohibiting the sale of tobacco and cigarettes at night. In his initiative, the MP refers to the experience of the time limit sales of alcoholic beverages from 08:00 to 23:00, which led to a reduction in the consumption of alcohol.

According to the MP, similar restrictions of cigarettes help to combat Smoking. Nosov believes that this approach “should be extended to tobacco products, since such innovation will reduce its availability, will create an atmosphere of social unacceptability of tobacco use.”

In the explanatory note to the draft law, the MP pointed out that every year in Russia killed more than 300,000 people from diseases associated with tobacco use, three out of four dying at age 35-69 years.

According to the MP, the ban on the sale of cigarettes at night will reduce the likelihood that tobacco products will be bought by the teenagers. According to the MP, such violations often occur in the evening and at night, when the flow of shoppers drops, and the probability of fixation of the offences is significantly reduced.

However, the Chairman of the relevant Committee Furgal said that the introduction of such an initiative is connected with forthcoming elections in the state Duma.

Nosov is not going to stay in the faction of the liberal democratic party: the bronze medalist of the Olympic games on Judeo decided to participate in the primaries of United Russia — as odnomandatnik in the Krasnoyarsk region.

The leadership of the liberal democratic party not previously approved the participation of the Deputy in the arrest in September of 2015 rapper Guf in Krasnoyarsk on suspicion of drug use. Vice-speaker from the LDPR Igor Lebedev has explained then that the actions of Ukraine have no relation to party, and are “personal PR”, and “a Deputy from the LDPR, it will no longer”. After Nosov’s nomination in the primaries of United Russia LDPR has informed that exclude him from the party.