A third of Russians in the summer going to the cottage or in the village

About 37% of Russians are going to spend the summer vacation, traveling around the country or abroad, to the international survey company Nielsen. In comparison with last year the share of Russians who are going on trips in the summer, has not changed. The survey was conducted from 26 to 31 March 2016 in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-don, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara and another 22 cities with population over 500 thousand people. In it have taken part more than 1 thousand Russians.

Respondents could choose several answers if they’re going to relax in different places. The proportion of Russians who are going to spend your whole vacation or parts of it in the village or in the country, this year increased by 3 percentage points to 33%. Another 27% said that they will spend a vacation at home, and 14% of respondents do not expect to take vacations in summer.

Press Secretary of the Russian Union of travel industry Irina Tyurina noted that more Russians choose to stay in the country last year. This can be explained by falling incomes and savings, she said. The most popular reasons for non-travel respondents Nielsen: saving (36%), unreasonably raised the prices (36%) and personal circumstances (21%).

37% of Russians, who still gather in the summer to travel, the majority plan to travel inside Russia, according to a survey. Respondents were able to name a few options of regions for summer trips, but the most popular answers become Sochi and other resorts of the Krasnodar region (going back 27% of those who plan travel), Crimea (17%) and other regions of Russia (33%).

From foreign destinations the most popular — the Mediterranean (Italy, Spain, Greece and other countries), going back 14% of respondents (among those who plan travel). Despite the ban on the sale of tours to Egypt and Turkey, these countries are going in summer, 3% of respondents. Mass tourist trips of Russians in Turkey and Egypt suspended since the end of last year, when it will be restored “tourist communication” with these countries is unclear.

In the message which published a press-service of the Federal tourism Agency on 7 April, the Agency indicated that he has no information about the terms of the tourist exchanges between Russia, Turkey and Egypt. It emphasized that the suspension of tourist contacts with Turkey and Egypt was taken by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in connection with a high threat to the safety of tourists. Rosturizm also recalled the recommendation to refrain from traveling to countries with a high level of threat to life and health of citizens.

Last summer, according to a survey by Nielsen, in Turkey rested for 12% of respondents (from among committed travel), in Egypt — 6%.

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According to online travel Agency OneTwoTrip at the beginning of April, the most popular vacation destinations for may holidays have become Rome, Tbilisi and Amsterdam. Interest in the capital of Georgia grew by 86% compared with last year, and the capital of the Netherlands — twice. The top 15 popular destinations among clients OneTwoTrip also include Paris, Prague, Verona, Tivat, Larnaca, Antalya, Madrid, Berlin, Barcelona and Milan. In this case tel Aviv, who in the past may holidays the number one ranking, this year it did not hit.