Brazil’s President accused Vice President in the organization of the conspiracy

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said that the Vice-President of Brazil Michel Temer and the speaker of the lower house of Parliament Edward Kungu are the organizers of the conspiracy to remove her from the authorities, transfers bi-Bi-si. Thus she commented on the leak of a voice recording Temer in case of the impeachment of Rousseff, which will be considered this week.

“Now they conspire openly in broad daylight to destabilize the legitimately elected President,” said Rousseff in a speech to students and faculty According to the President, Timer and Qunu are “the chief and the Deputy chief of the organization of the conspiracy.”

According to Rousseff, Brazil lives in “strange” times “farce and betrayal.” She noted that one of the politicians mentioned had made “unimaginable abuse” when the process of impeachment, and the other is “rubbing their hands during the farcical diversion inaugural speech”.

In Temer’s office confirmed the authenticity of the published account, however, stressed that the leak happened by mistake.

On Monday a special Commission of the Brazilian Parliament supported the impeachment against incumbent President Dilma Rousseff. The vote in Parliament scheduled for Sunday, April 17. For further consideration in the Senate the initiative should support two thirds of the deputies. In the upper chamber for removal Rousseff a simple majority.

Rousseff is accused of violating tax laws and the manipulation of the state budget during her election campaign in 2014. Her name also figures in the investigation of corruption schemes in the company Petrobras. The scandal involves political allies Rousseff, which in 2003-2010 years headed the Petrobras Board.