“Gazprom” has agreed to settle the dispute with the Turkish importers

“Gazprom” managed to achieve a heads of agreement with private Turkish gas importers for resolving the conflict that is associated with the reduction of supplies from Russia. About this “Kommersant” said sources in the market, and also confirmed close to Gazprom and one of the importers of the interlocutors.

In late February it was reported about the reduction of Russian gas supplies to Turkey via the Western route via Ukraine, Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria. Russian gas via the TRANS-Balkan gas pipeline import six private Turkish companies — Enerco Enerji, Bosphorus gaz, Avrasya gaz, Shell, Kibar and Bati Hatti Ener. In accordance with the contract 2013, their annual import stands at 10 billion cubic meters.

Last year Gazprom provided the Turkish companies offer a discount of 10.25%. However, in winter gas giant announced its abolition. Sources in “Gazprom export” explained that the discount has lost relevance due to the falling oil prices. The interlocutors stressed that negotiations on this issue are ongoing.

Turkish companies, in turn, criticized the abolition of the rebates, saying that the talks must operate the agreed price. As a result, the importers have not paid the increased bill, which was put up by Gazprom in January, “Kommersant” writes. In response the Russian company “cut” the requests of importers for the purchase of gas on the size of non-payment. As a result, the supply for the TRANS-Balkan pipeline to Turkey since the beginning of the year fell by 3.7%, and with the time restrictions at the end of February — 10%, indicates the edition.

Maria Belova from Vygon Consulting in conversation with the newspaper suggested that Gazprom could cancel discounts. According to “Kommersant”, in March, the price of Russian gas for the Turkish importers without discounts was about $190 per thousand cubic meters and $170 discount. Thus, having achieved its cancellation, the company will be able to increase the margin of sales to private importers by approximately $130 million.

In early March it became known about the readiness of the Turkish importers to apply to the arbitration court in case they fail to reach an agreement with Gazprom. “We want to resolve this matter in accordance with the contract with Gazprom, and, if possible, in the most positive way,” said the industry interviewee Hürriyet Daily News. He explained that claims be made by individual companies to the “daughter” of “Gazprom”, “Gazprom export”.

So, in Enerco considered actions of the Russian side in violation of the law. The company explained that all importers agreed with “Gazprom export” the reduction of the contract price in April of last year. In Enerco notice that the revision was permanent, not temporary, so neither party has the right to change these conditions without the approval of the other party.