Gazprom will spend dividends for almost half of net profit

The Board of Gazprom prepared proposals to the Board of Directors about dividends payment by results of activity in 2015 in the amount of 7.4 rubles per share or 175,18 billion rubles, the company said.

This is 43% of net profit under RAS, which last year amounted to 403,5 billion rubles In the message gas company clarifies that this amount is 50% of adjusted net profit “Gazprom”. The company expects the dividend from net profit under Russian accounting standards adjusted for “paper”) article, reminds “Interfax”: among them is the foreign currency exchange loss, the profit from a rise in price of actions of “Gazprom oil” and the accrual of various kinds of reserves.

Although last year the net profit of “Gazprom” doubled its Chairman of the Board of Directors Viktor Zubkov said earlier that dividends will remain at the level of 2013-2014. Then the company was paying RUB 7.2 per share, or 170 billion roubles in total.

The Board now proposes to increase revenue by almost 3%. The representative of “Gazprom” could not update , when will the Board of Directors, will be considered when the proposal of the management. It is only known that the decision on payment of dividends on the recommendation of the Board will be made at the annual meeting of shareholders to be held on June 30 in Moscow in the Central office of Gazprom, said in a statement.

On the news of rising dividend stocks “Gazprom” on the Moscow stock exchange by 2.2%, the capitalization of the company amounted to 3.6 trillion rubles (14.10 GMT).

The management of “Gazprom” also approved and submitted for consideration of the Board of Directors draft amendments in the company Charter and the draft provisions on the General meeting of shareholders, the Board of Directors, management Board, Chairman of the management Board in new versions. Documents are prepared mainly in connection with changes in the law “On joint stock companies” and approved at the June 2015 meeting of the shareholders of the company the new version of the Charter, the report said “Gazprom”.