In the US said about dangerous rapprochement of the Russian planes with your destroyers

Next to the American destroyer “Donald cook”, which is now in the Baltic sea, for the last few days “very close” flew the Russian frontline su-24 bombers without armament and combat helicopter. About it reports CNN with reference to the American official.

According to him, two of rapprochement occurred in international waters on Tuesday evening, another on Sunday.

Publicly about the incident in the U.S. fleet does not say, but in the corridors of the Pentagon is “intense debate” around whether to publish depicting the approach of the planes the photos and videos that “show the danger that the aircraft could have imagined for a ship”, he added to CNN.

According to The Wall Street Journal, citing official representatives of the U.S. government, the American side sees it as a sign of a possible growth of tensions demonstrated, despite Moscow’s consent to negotiate with NATO.

The publication stresses that, in the opinion of the American authorities, the maneuvers of the su-24 military helicopter were unsafe and were seen as potentially provocative as it could cause a crash.

One of the approaches occurred at the very moment when from the deck of destroyer “Donald cook” was to Polish up the helicopter. Because of this, the takeoff had to be postponed.

U.S. officials have stressed that the destroyer at that time was in international waters.

The day before, on April 12, it was announced that April 20th will be a meeting of the Council Russia — NATO. The meeting will be held at the ambassadorial level. This will be the first meeting since June 2014. It was clear from statements by NATO, will discuss “the crisis in Ukraine and around it”, as well as security issues in Afghanistan and the terrorist threat.