Navalny asked the FSB to check the “secret documents” from the plot of VGTRK

Opposition politician Alexei Navalny sent to the FSB request to withdraw and check on the authenticity of the materials, which became the basis of VGTRK film on its cooperation with foreign intelligence services. His announcement was aired on the program “Vesti Nedeli” Sunday. Appeal to the head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov policy published on its website.

The oppositionist noted that, according to information from the “Russia 1”, the channel is “secret documents proving anti-Russian activities of the CIA and MI-6”. In particular, the material of the RTR were presented and recordings of conversations that Navalny also asked to check with phonological expertise. In particular, the politician said, the TV has audio that allegedly confirm that the investigation FBK on the family, Yuri Chaika “was inspired by foreign secret services”.

According to policy, a separate investigation by the FSB should carry out after the information that the intelligence service of the UK allegedly conducted an operation for the murder of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky by the hands of the medical staff of SIZO “sailor’s silence”

“At the same time let the FSB will make a good scolding to whoever was in it for the “operation Tremor” [so in the story was named the special operation of the CIA] and admitted that I, agent, “freedom” is not the name Navalny on version RTR], so unbelted that was murdered (by the hands of the officers of the detention center “sailor’s silence”) of Magnitsky”, — Navalny wrote on his website.

The statement in FSB is sent by Bulk mail during the day, said his spokeswoman Kira Yarmysh. “I expect they [the FSB], of course, will laugh, but will be forced to carry out a formal check, because the charge is serious,” said Navalny .

Elementary examination of documents by the CIA and record the call Bulk will show that it was a fake, he said. “However, we must admit that we already had similar situation when we asked the FSB, and then they just didn’t do anything”, — said the oppositionist.

Film by Yevgeny Popov “Operation “Shiver” needs to go on the air April 13 on “Russia 1”. In the announcement VGTRK, which was aired on April 10, it is alleged that Navalny for many years worked with the Hermitage Capital founder William Browder as part of operation “Shiver” to undermine the constitutional order in Russia. Browder was in the film agent named “Solomon”.

As proof Popov tells of a Bulk correspondence with Browder that was able to detect thanks to the former head of the security services Berezovsky Sergei Sokolov. It happened once in Russia were exported mail servers that allegedly encouraged its agents the curators of the CIA. In particular, the film argues that the Bulk Browder persuaded “to become a hero of minority shareholders and make yourself reputational capital”. For this, the Briton allegedly provided Bulk materials by VTB.

In addition, the film argues that Browder asked the opposition to disseminate information about the arrest of Magnitsky. It was stressed that the cessation of any medical assistance to the lawyer was arranged through an agent of the British secret services. According to RTR, six years ago, Navalny received $300 thousand to help ‘Magnitsky list’ for “undermining citizens’ trust in judicial and law enforcement system”.

After showing Navalny expressed hope that the film will be followed by criminal proceedings.

The opposition also sued the “Russia 1” TV presenter Dmitry Kiselev.