Online cinema Tvzavr will show Russian films 250 countries

Online cinema Tvzavr launched in 248 countries app for Smart TV under the name “Russian cinema”, according to a press release received by .

The application content is composed entirely of Russian films, serials and cartoons. Service aimed at popularization of national cinema in Russia and abroad, made in collaboration with Roskino with the information support of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. Its launch coincided with the Year of cinema.

The service will operate separately from the online cinema Tvzavr. While the app is available only in TVs of LG. In the near future, the report of the cinema, “Russian cinema” will appear in the other TV, but also online and mobile versions.

The total budget of the project, reported in Tvzavr, amounted to $1 million In spending is mainly on your application design, buy the rights to broadcast Russian content worldwide and marketing. The app “Russian cinema” will be both free and paid content. To earn it through advertising, subscription and sales of individual paintings. The subscription price in Russia will be 249 rubles per month, the cost of Prime will start at 99 rubles abroad will be available only by subscription, for €4 per month. Abroad Russian content will be available with subtitles.

The idea to make a separate application about Russian cinema is connected with the popularity of such content in Tvzavr. “After analyzing the behavior model of a paying user at Tvzavr, we saw that the Russian paintings are leaders in online rentals, — explained the CEO Tvzavr Marina Shurygina. — The movie “Warrior”, “duhless 2”, “kiss 2″ foreign Ministry foreign films. Blockbusters prefer to watch in cinemas, online Russian movies, especially because Russian paintings go on the Tvzavr in early digital boxes (ie some period of time after the yield on the wide screen. — ) and some simultaneously with the cinemas”.

Priority countries for the application “Russian cinema” — the U.S., Israel, Germany and the countries of Eastern Europe, i.e. in countries with large Russian-speaking Diaspora. The company expects to increase due to the application of audience Tvzavr all over the world.

Run the application “Russian cinema” is an important and responsible step for the domestic film industry and home video services, says Victor Chekanov General Director of one of the largest Russian online cinema Megogo. “We work with foreign markets for several years (Megogo buys content with the license immediately to the whole world. —) and know from experience that the Russian-speaking audience really need the content in Russian, although our audience we are seeing a positive response not only to emerging domestic films, but also to foreign content, available with Russian voice acting”, — he explained.

Tvzavr, founded in 2010, is one of the largest online cinema in Russia by audience. According to our data, the monthly audience Tvzavr March 2016 is more than 22 million people, Tvzavr revenue in 2015 amounted to 180 million rubles In the library Tvzavr more than 40 thousand units of content. Audience two main rivals Tvzavr — and Tvigle is approximately 27 million and 23.5 million users in Russia (hereinafter the company data). Audience Megogo in the CIS more than 40 million users, but in Russia is about 17 million people. Income is also ahead of all its revenue in 2015 exceeded 1 billion rubles For the second place cinema Okko — his income amounted to more than 600 million rubles in 2015 (data for the audience of cinema is not provided). In Megogo revenues for the same period amounted to $ 419.4 million rubles. Tvigle does not disclose its revenue.