RCDS have found breaches of the privatization of Yukos

The investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) has classified violations, which, according to the Agency, were committed in the privatization of Yukos, under three articles of the Criminal code, found out “Kommersant”. About new article in the so-called big business of Yukos it became known from the complaint press Secretary to Mikhail Khodorkovsky Kyle Piispanen, which passes it on as a witness.

At the end of March, the TFR has announced the beginning of gathering evidence of illegal acquisition of Yukos’s shareholders. According to investigators, in 1995 when the privatization of the oil team of Mikhail Khodorkovsky submitted “in fact, belonging to JSC “Laguna” and JSC “Reagent” to participate in the investment competition and mortgaging auction. Thus, as indicated in the RDS, he said they were “separate legal entities”.

In the competition and won the auction, “Laguna”, but the payment for the shares, the investigators say, was produced at the expense of Menatep. Subsequently the Bank were not refunded the money paid for shares that has become one of the causes of his bankruptcy, according to the UK. As stated by the official representative of Department Vladimir Markin, Khodorkovsky did not pay for the purchase of shares of “penny”.

According to “Kommersant”, the TFR characterized the actions of the members of the criminal group, which a leader considers the consequence of Khodorkovsky as causing damage to property (article 315 of the criminal code). The office also saw the abuse of official powers (article 285 of the criminal code) in the actions of officials that have not stopped the violations during the privatization of Yukos. In addition, according to the newspaper, in the materials of the investigation there is a new article 315 of the criminal code (failure to execute a court decision or other judicial act).

Khodorkovsky himself, commenting on the statements of CCJ, said that they had bought YUKOS, “like everyone else, the law then”. He also stated that during seven years management of the company was to process twice as much oil and YUKOS became profitable at a price of 12-14 dollars per barrel.

Pispanen lawyer Sergei adamsin told the newspaper that he is uncertain exactly when and in fact, there is evidence of the article. “We’re trying to figure that out in the investigation”, — he explained.

In December of last year the TFR have raided the offices of “Open Russia”. During one of them, Pispanen seized computers, laptops, as well as photographs and personal correspondence. Late Markin explained that the event was conducted to test the “legality and legitimacy” of the acquisition of Yukos shares offshore companies Hulley Enterprises Ltd, Yukos Universal Ltd and Veteran Petroleum Ltd.

In the summer of 2014 the Hague arbitration has satisfied the claim of these companies to Russia, and obliged him to pay former shareholders $50 billion To the UK thus believe that the offshore companies were used for the withdrawal of the Yukos shares from Russia and invested in the company, and therefore their rights as investors are not violated. The company sought recognition of the arbitral award on the territory of the United States.