“Roscosmos” declared a victory in court on the case of arrest of money in France

“Roscosmos” got the message about the victory in a French court in a case concerning the seizure of assets of the Corporation, arrested in France on the case of Yukos, said the official representative of Roscosmos Igor Burenkov.

“Acknowledged that our arguments are correct, it is not necessary to arrest our accounts”, — quotes its TASS. “It’s certainly not the end, will certainly be continued, but this stage we won. So we defend our interests will continue to uphold”, he added. “Interfax” reports that the Burenkov called it “a good, good story on the Day of cosmonautics”.

In a press release published on the website of Roskosmos, it is emphasized that this is the second court decision in favor of the Russian state Corporation. “In January 2016, a similar decision was taken on the arrest, carried out by another Cypriot shareholder of Yukos — Hulley Enterprises company. Thus, “Roscosmos”, jointly with Arianespace has taken another step to completely overcome a situation of uncertainty”, — the report says.

Deputy Director of Roscosmos Sergey Savelyev advised “not to relax” and be ready for claims by other former Yukos shareholders. “Of course, having two positive precedent on hand to deal with them much easier. However, we cannot exclude the possibility that the opponents Arianespace and Roscosmos are guided not only by the desire to win and get money, but also to inflict the maximum possible damage to the benefit of other players in the market of space launches” — quoted by his press service.

On the eve reported that France had arrested $700 million of “Roscosmos” and “Space communication”.

We are talking about Russian state assets arrested in France on request of the former Yukos shareholders. A large share of the cash income of the Russian space companies: $400 million, to be paid to the Eutelsat satellite operator of FGUP “Space communication”, and $300 million, which the company Arianespace shall pay Roskosmos.

On the eve of the freezing of funds has commented in charge of the space industry, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. “It’s about the money we had to pay for our services, including for launches from Kourou. That is our money that we are not there yet, it’s in the accounts of French banks, they belong to the European space for our partners”, — he said on radio “Echo of Moscow” and expressed hope for “a favorable outcome of the court case”.