The chamber responded to the accusations against Golikova.

The chamber has responded to the charges of the Internet community “Discerned” incorrect borrowings, which were used by the Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova in their doctoral and candidate’s dissertations. His analysis of the theses of the Chairman of the accounting chamber “Discerned” published Tuesday, April 13.

In the report “Discerneth” indicated that one third of the pages works Golikova contains incorrect borrowings other sources, are made violations of the requirements of the regulations of the Higher attestation Commission (VAK).

Both Golikov’s thesis defended in St. Petersburg state engineering and economic University, PhD in 2005 and PhD in 2008.

Golikov wrote a thesis and doctoral thesis during his work in the Ministry of Finance and since 1999 she held the position of Deputy Minister of Finance, said the representative of the chamber of accounts. In the Ministry she was an author and a philosopher many of the official documents and materials, which are systematically used in practical and scientific development Golikova.

“Incorrect” drawing, which results in his analysis of “Discerneth”, mostly taken from different methodological documents, presentations, tables and charts of the Ministry of Finance, the author of which was the speaker, or in the development of which she was directly involved, said the chamber.

In particular, give an example in the Department, we are talking about the explanatory Memorandum to the indicators of the draft Federal budget for 2008 and for the period up to 2010, the report on execution of the Federal budget for 2004 and the objectives of the financial system for the year 2005, guidelines to regions and municipalities on regulation of intergovernmental relations 2003, etc.

According to data published “Discerneth”, the author of the theses quoted not only Federal laws and regulations, but other dissertation from the work of Valerie Yevtushenko on state regulation of budgetary relations in the system of regional Finance is almost entirely quoted 17 pages, 48 pages taken from a dissertation by Vladimir Cooper, who was involved in the evaluation of management efficiency of state property. These borrowings in the accounts chamber has not commented on.

Also “Discerned” mark as borrowed such idioms and phrases as “the budget system of the Russian Federation, public authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation and bodies of local self-government” and “the level of budgetary security of subjects of the Russian Federation, budgets of municipal regions,” etc., drew the attention of the chamber.

Accusations of “Discerneth” the chamber considered to be “insolvent”, said the representative office. Dissertation Golikova passed all procedures provided by the legislation harmonization in the WAC, the source said .

Free network company “Discerned” was organized in January 2013 by the physicist Andrei Zacinam and journalist Sergey Parkhomenko. “Discerned” unites the Russian scientists who with the help of specially developed algorithm to check for plagiarism PhD and doctoral theses of Russian politicians and public figures.