The General counsel of the Fund Navalny withdrew from the primaries because Kasyanov

Of its decision to withdraw from the primaries Ivan Zhdanov told . He stressed that he supports the idea of direct democracy and that the exemption in the first place for the leader of the party PARNAS Mikhail Kasyanov in the electoral list of Demolitio he is not satisfied.

“I don’t feel comfortable when campaigning for leader of list of Mikhail Kasyanov,” — said he.

The democratic coalition, created on the basis of the party Kasyanov and the unregistered Party of progress Alexei Navalny, had been planning to form a joint list of opposition on elections of the state Duma of the 12 people who will be able to stand on the base of PARNASSUS. Candidates should be selected on the vote of supporters of the party (primaries). According to the agreements of the coalition members Kasyanov as the leader of the party, according to lists which the opposition candidates can be nominated in the state Duma without collection of signatures, took first place in the list without competition.

Zhdanov added that earlier was sure that the participants of Demolitia will be able “to reverse a huge anti-rating of the leader of the list”, but now disappointed in his behavior. Everything, including Kasyanov, have to make a decision in the General interest, I am sure Zhdanov.

The opportunity soon to withdraw from the primaries also consider a member of the Central Council of the Party of progress and Leonid Volkov, a member of the “Democratic choice” (included in Demolitio) Vladimir Milov, two sources said in Demoliti.

Contact Volkov failed. Mil said that I still didn’t make the decision about the withdrawal from the primaries. “It is important for me to see what the reaction will be at Michael for a reasonable offer, which was announced”, he said.

Kasyanov on Wednesday did not respond to calls . The Bureau of PARNASSUS believes the position Kasyanov consistent and principled, said Deputy Chairman of PARNASSUS Konstantin Merzlikin. “I think he [Kasyanov] must not succumb to the pressure of the Kremlin, in the situation of criminal harassment it would be a political mistake”, — he noted. This is a principled position, based on moral choice, emphasized Merzlikin, expressing the hope that “colleagues in the coalition stem from the same reasons”.

On the eve of his refusal to participate in the primaries announced by the Vice-Chairman of PARNAS Ilya Yashin. His decision, he explained the reluctance Kasyanov to withdraw from first place in the electoral list of Demolitia.

Yashin stressed that Kasyanov waited voluntary renunciation of quota in the first place in the list after the NTV story with the phrase “I want to confirm the right to leadership and coalition to withdraw from-under blow”. However, Kasyanov refused to do so. Zhdanov said that shows the NTV film about the relationship between Kasyanov and his associates in the coalition “doesn’t matter” for his position.

April 1, NTV showed the film “Kasyanov day,” which stipulates sneak peek intimate encounters Kasyanov and member of the PARNASSUS of Natalia Pelevine. The action supposedly takes place at a special safe house. In the tape, which the filmmakers imagine how the conversation and Pelevina and Kasyanov, the interlocutors, in particular, is no respecter of persons speak highly of Yashin and Navalny.

The leader of the Party of progress Alexei Navalny shares the position of Yashin and Zhdanov. “The coalition was built on two basic principles: [election] list [formed] on the basis of PARNASSUS, and the list is done through primaries,” he explained . All other solutions may change, but these two not, emphasizes Bulk. “So Yashin requirement to remove personal quota in the first place and to determine all candidates through primaries logical and supported by all members of the coalition,” he added.

According to the oppositionist, all wished success in the elections, and he “directly depends on how our supporters want to work and campaign for those who stand at the head of the list, collect money”.

The Party leadership on 5 December, which is also involved in the coalition, has proposed to solve the problem in the first place Kasyanov in the list on the basis of a vote among the registered voters of Demolitia. By the end of April voters in the primaries could answer whether they consider it fair and reasonable pre-approved by Demolitia the procedure of forming the list, the statement said Federal coordinating Council of the party. “If the majority of voters in the primaries will vote against quotas, the decision on how will be formed the Federal list of PARNASSUS, will remain with Mikhail Kasyanov”, — underlined in the message.