Employers will be exempted from the duty to communicate the TIN to the Pension Fund

Employers will be exempt from the obligation to report to the Pension Fund identification numbers tax bearers (INN) to their employees. This obligation came only from 1 April 2016, but the state Duma is going to abolish. The reason is the position of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC). The Church, as follows from the definition of the bishops ‘ Council of 2013, “considers unacceptable any form of harassment of citizens to use electronic identifiers, automated collection, processing and registration of personal data and personal sensitive information”.

TIN worker will need to be included in statements filed to the FIU, only if the employer information about the INN. Such an amendment Tuesday, April 13, supported the state Duma Committee on labor. The amendment is related to the religious beliefs of people, explained its author — the first Deputy Chairman of the Committee, the Deputy-the United Russia Mikhail Tarasenko. With a request to change the law in the Duma asked the Russian Orthodox Church, told Interfax , refusing to clarify the details. But last month, the Moscow Patriarchate reported on its website that the Church with the blessing of Patriarch Kirill holds talks with Russian Duma on introduction of amendments exclude the obligation of employers to provide TIN of the insured persons.

The norm, which obliged employers to report monthly about the INN of the employees towards the Pension Fund, was included in the pension insurance act of the Russians in December 2015 and entered into force on 1 April 2016. The first reports employers must submit before may 10. For failure to provide information or submission of incomplete information to the employer of financial sanctions in the amount of 500 rubles for each insured person.

Employers the deputies did not complain, although because of the law they, too, arose, told Interfax. The pension Fund and the Ministry of justice has partially solved the problem by issuing explanatory letters, one of which indicated that the VAT you need to fill out only if the insured’s data on TIN worker. But the law on the status of the above explanation of the letters, said the MP. According to him, in the Duma hope that resolves the problem the law is passed and signed by the President by may, when employers are required to provide the INN of the employees to the pension Fund.

The Moscow Patriarchate notes on its website that “many Orthodox citizens of Russia, in accordance with their religious beliefs, refused the assignment TIN, in writing,” and public authorities “does not prevent citizens to act in accordance with their will”. Assessment Tarasenko, approximately 10% of Russians working no VAT (the exact statistics he does not have). “At the time, when first introduced SNILS (number of individual personal account, indicated in the certificate of compulsory pension insurance. — ) clearly it has been shown that SNILS is the account number, and TIN is the number of man. And in accordance with their religious beliefs people can take this room or not take,” recalls Tarasenko.

Present at the meeting of the Committee, representatives of the Ministry of labor against the adoption of the amendments did not object (to the press service of the Ministry of these amendments has not commented). The position of the deputies share in the Pension Fund and the Ministry of justice, the explanation Tarasenko. An amendment may be adopted by the Duma in the near future — it is included in one of the draft laws prepared by the Committee for the second reading; the exact date of consideration of this bill will determine the beginning of next week. The FIU and the Ministry of justice on Wednesday night not responded to the requests with representatives of the Moscow Patriarchate, who could comment on the matter, could not be reached.

With the assistance of Olga Volkova