Former owners of trust Bank filed in London a claim for almost $1 billion

According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, former owners of “the Trust” Ilya jurov, Nikolai Fetisov and Sergey Belyaev suspected that they had given loans to controlled offshore companies in the amount of about $900 million. the Authors claim in London’s High court believe that the money was on the personal Bank accounts of bankers or were reinvested in real estate in Moscow.

According to the plaintiff, while the former owners were in charge of the Bank, loans are serviced through the issuance of a chain of dummy companies new loans from the Bank. After the reorganization of OTKRITIE debt became irredeemable. Based on this from former owners demand the return of $830 million.

According to the newspaper, their requirements in a London court trust insure security measures previously obtained in February in London by the order on the seizure of assets of Bank owners and their wives on the amount of the claim. In addition, in late January, the English court has blocked the sale of a controlled through third parties former owners of the Bank portfolio of real estate capital.

According to the Director of the special projects unit of the Bank “trust” Nikolay Mylnikov, the January decision of the court about the freezing of assets confirms that London’s High court considers it reasonable consideration of the question of personal liability of former executives of the Bank for loans. He pointed out that judicial work is not only in Britain but also in Russia, Switzerland and Cyprus.

According to “Kommersant”, part of the Swiss accounts of the former owners of “Trust” is also frozen by the Prosecutor’s office of Geneva. There is investigated a case of fraud and money laundering.

Choose the former owners of the Bank, according to a source publication, the charges do not recognize. They believe associated with really only three companies with a total debt to the Bank about 8 billion rubles, half of which debt is serviced.

The publication indicates that we are talking about judicial precedent, as until now banks sanatory not engaged in persecution abroad former owners. So far the most notorious was the case against the beneficiary of Mezhprombank Sergey Pugachev, which was initiated by the Agency for Deposit insurance

According to managing partner of law firm “Bartolius” Julia tai, in the London court the claim about collecting of the losses a lot more prospects, because in England developed the practice of “piercing the corporate veil”.