In the Central office of IKEA in Russia came to search

In the Central office of the Russian division of IKEA (business centre “Khimki Business Park” on the Leningrad highway) is the search carried out by staff of management on fight against economic crimes of the municipal Department of internal Affairs of Moscow region. This was announced by the company itself, by associating the events with an attempt to seize land owned by IKEA.

“We perceive what is happening as part of the campaign to seize the land on which is located the Central office of IKEA in Russia. Today’s search and the recent criminal case against IKEA, initiated by KSHP “Khimki” — of course, the links of one chain. While law enforcement has become a de facto tool raider attack on IKEA”, is given in the message words of the lawyer Seeds Shevchenko, representing the company IKEA.

At the same time, the lawyer assured that IKEA will provide the investigation all possible assistance and is not going to succumb to blackmail.

Earlier media reported about the initiation of a criminal case against IKEA in connection with the forgery of documents on which “a daughter” the Swedish company purchased a plot of land on the Leningrad highway.

According to sources of Kommersant, the reason for the second case was the forgery of member signatures of the management Board KSHP “Khimki” in the meeting minutes, which the management of the enterprise allegedly agreed to provide land area of over 16 hectares in the district of the 23rd km of the Leningrad highway “for use for state and public needs” of the administration of the Khimki district in which this parcel was later purchased by non-market price.

The sources said that the investigation is trying to establish involvement in this Scam as individual representatives of the Russian subsidiary of the Swedish company, and the then heads of the administration of Khimki.