Kerry called “provocative” flying Russian su-24 over U.S. destroyers

U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry condemned the rapprochement of the Russian su-24 bombers with the American destroyer “Donald cook” in the Baltic sea, Reuters reports. In an interview with CNN Espanol, which quoted the Agency, Kerry called the incident “provocative.”

“We condemn this kind of behavior. This is insane. It’s provocative. It’s dangerous. And in accordance with the rules of warfare, would follow the strike,” Kerry said.

In the words of U.S. Secretary of state, “must understand” that this “serious matter”. He stressed that the U.S. is not going “to be intimidated on the high seas”.

“We communicate with the Russians about how dangerous it is, and we hope that this will never happen again,” said Kerry.

Earlier today the U.S. state Department said that Secretary of state is going to discuss the situation with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov.

The official White house spokesman Josh Ernest also on April 14, stated that U.S. military attaché brought to the attention of the Russian authorities its concern about the rapprochement of the Russian su-24 with an American destroyer in the Baltic sea.

Before Ernest, commenting on the situation, stressed that the incident “is completely incompatible with professional norms of military personnel who work in close proximity to each other in international waters and international airspace”.