Putin called Obama “a decent person” for the recognition of errors in Libya

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin on “the Direct line” on Thursday, April 14, commented on the statement by his us counterpart Barack Obama that his biggest mistake as President of the United States was ill-conceived plan for the development of Libya after the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi. The recognition of Obama “once again confirms that the current United States President is a decent man,” Putin said.

“I say this without irony. Because to say such things – it’s not simple,” he said. “And rightly so, it is very good that my colleague has the courage to make such statements. Not everyone can do it. It may have different answered from different angles. But it can only make a strong man indeed,” said Putin.

Barack Obama, as a Senator, criticized the current White house administration for the actions in Iraq, but as President, made the same mistakes in Libya, Mr Putin said. He noted that a series of these errors is not over yet. “After all, the same mistake I almost did in Syria! It is still unknown what the outcome,” said Putin.

But Russia and the US have recently managed to build cooperation “in a rather positive way,” he said. According to him, Moscow and Washington are “fairly intensive work together” to find a solution for the Syrian settlement. “We hope that this joint work, just as it was in the recent past in other areas, will lead us to positive result”, – concluded Putin.

Barack Obama in early April in the air of TV channel Fox News said that he believes his biggest mistake during his work in the White house. “Possible problem — no plan for what to do the next day after the overthrow of Qaddafi,” he said, noting that the U.S. intervention in the Libyan conflict finds the right solution.

In March in interview to the American edition of the Atlantic, the US President has told about his attitude to Putin. Obama during the conversation with the journalist disagreed with the statement that the Russian President looks angry and rude. According to Obama, the Russian leader does not like that. “The truth, actually, is that Putin at all of our meetings very polite, extremely honest. He never makes me wait for two hours, as comes with some other people,” Obama said.