Putin drew Kudrin to the elaboration of the strategy of development after 2018

The former Minister of Finance of Russia, the head of Committee of civil initiatives (THD) Alexei Kudrin in the event of return to work for the government will deal with the issues associated with the development strategy for the near future — after 2018 and for the longer term, said President Vladimir Putin on “the Direct line” on Thursday, April 14.

Putin called the former Minister a “strong and helpful experts.” He recalled that earlier Kudrin, who left the post of head of the Ministry of Finance in 2011, refused an offer of work in administrative structures. Now, according to the head of state, the position of Kudrin “has changed.” The situation is difficult, and he was “ready to contribute”, said the President.

“We agreed that he would more actively to work in the expert Council under the President, may be one of the Deputy (head) of this expert Council”, — Putin said. He added that Kudrin may work on the site of “one of effectively working structures”, including the Center for strategic research (CSR).

Earlier sources said that Alexey Kudrin is going to write a new economic program for the President and claim the presidency of the Center for strategic research — the main “brain center” of the beginning of 2000-ies. Kudrin confirmed on April 12 that it is considering “a proposal to session one of the leadership positions”. “This is a job for the state, but the other forecasts is an exaggeration,” said Kudrin.

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