Putin explained the reason for the National guard

The issue of establishing the National guard was discussed for a long time, it is necessary to control the situation with firearms in Russia, because right now everything associated with it is in maintaining established patterns. This was during the “Straight line” the President said Vladimir Putin, answering the question about why we need the national guard and what her powers are.

“First and foremost, what is the basis for this decision was to be put under special control the circulation of weapons in the country,” Putin said. According to, the national guard will be responsible for all issues related to trafficking (including the issuance of permits for carrying).

In addition, according to Putin, the authorities proceeded from the desire to reduce the costs of various services due to the management and staff structures.

The decision to establish the national guard, according to the President, was supported by the Ministry of Finance. “We expect that we will be able to increase the effectiveness of this work”, — said the President.

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