Putin has suggested that the lack of Russian athletes at the Olympic games-2016

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin urged to be prepared for the fact that the Russian athletes will not take part in the 2016 Olympic games to be held in Rio de Janeiro. He said this, speaking at a straight line.

“Our athletes are in a difficult situation. You have to be ready to everything”, — he said, commenting on the possible exclusion of athletes from competition as part of a doping scandal.

The President noted that the World anti-doping Agency (WADA) is revising its approaches to the use by athletes of Meldonium. According to him, the Ministry of sport and sports organizations are now working with lawyers on an international level and study all aspects of this problem. “We will fight for a fair decision on the participation of Russian athletes in the Olympic games”, — concluded the head of state.

Meanwhile, Putin urged not to look for political overtones in the scandal with Meldonium. “I don’t think this decision has any political undertone, although Meldonium used exclusively by athletes in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union,” he said.

The President also said the effect of Meldonium. “This drug has never belonged to the category of doping, it has no effect — it certainly is on the results, it just supports the heart muscle in good condition at very heavy loads,” — said Putin, Recalling that the drug was invented in the Soviet Union, in Latvia and is still widely used widely in medicine.

The scandal surrounding the use of Meldonium by Russian athletes has erupted after the announcement of Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova. She reported that used Mildronat for the past ten years, however, from 1 January 2016 it was banned, what she did not know.

According to the Ministry of sports at the end of March, the doping of the sample on the use of Meldonium failed more than 40 Russian athletes. Among them were swimmer Yuliya Efimova, figure skater Ekaterina Bobrova, skater Paul Kulizhnikov, members of the Russian national team in short track semen Elistratov and Ekaterina Konstantinova, volleyball player Alexander Markin, the Russian Eduard Latypov, etc. at the same time Minister Vitaly Mutko said that the drastic losses in the squad before the Olympic games in 2016, with the exception of the swimmer Efimova and Sharapova, no.

The Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro will be held in August 2016.

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