Putin responded to a question about the timing of the return of the Russians in Egypt and Turkey

Leading “Direct line” asked Putin, when the Russians will again be able to travel to Turkey and Egypt. Sale of tours to those countries were banned in the fall of 2015.

“It depended not on us,” said the President, explaining the reasons for the ban.

In Egypt, according to him, the power struggle with radicals, but this cannot always be done. “At Sinai, almost every day there are attacks. We just can’t tell people what to go there dangerously”, — Putin said.

He noted that the Russian authorities together with Egyptian colleagues are working to ensure an adequate level of security for tourists, however, “no such algorithm found”, stated the President.

Speaking of Turkey, the President called a similar picture of events, although she noted that “in our view, the Turkish leadership is not so much struggling with radicals as cooperating with them.”

According to Putin, in the South of Turkey is a civil war with use of heavy machinery, the attacks coming every week, though Russia and the international community try this war not to notice.

However, the President noted that the Turkish government will seek to ensure the safety of tourists, including Russian, because it is a significant part of revenues.

“But will they be able to do this, doubt, so we cannot tell citizens that staying there is dangerous,” Putin said.

He also noted that Russia considers Turkey as a friend, although he admitted the existence of “problems with individual politicians”.

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