Putin spoke about his conversation with Kadyrov about the “enemies of the people”

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin on “the Direct line” on Thursday announced that he personally spoke with the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov after he published in Instagram video with the oppositionist Mikhail Kasyanov with the visual impact of the sight. So Putin said journalist Sergei Dorenko, who was present in the Studio.

Dorenko, asking Putin recalled that in 2016 elections, against which, in his words, “the nerves will pick”. “And (it) has already begun. We already told that the opposition are enemies of the people. We already showed your former Prime Minister in the optical sight of a rifle,” said Dorenko. He asked the President to say “their governors”, “where in competition for the horizons of the future to fight without rules where there are rules.”

Putin in response said that “nowhere else”. He did not finish the phrase, as Dorenko, interrupting him, said that the year will end “what the hell” if they start looking for “enemies of the people”.

“I know who you’re talking about. You are talking about one of the leaders of our regions in the Caucasus, it is clear. I personally talked to him on this issue”, — Putin said.

We must proceed from the realities of life, he continued. “Who is this man of which you speak? Yes, today he is the head of one of the regions, the Chechen Republic. And how he got started? He fought with us in the forest, you forgot about it? With weapons in hand, along with his father, which his father, it was not forced, father, no one was recruited, was not forced… He came to the conclusion that Chechnya should be with the Russian people and must be with Russia. And it is profitable, it is in the interests of the Chechen people”, — Putin said.

Ramzan Kadyrov is working with these same beliefs, he said. According to him, Kadyrov “would never lead to any Republic within the Russian Federation, if I wasn’t convinced that this is the right choice.”

“But you know these people? Well I’m not talking about the fact that this is the Caucasus, people are hot”, he continued, noting that “the formation of these people as people involved in public work”, is not easy. “We’re all human beings. We are all out of his own past”, – said the head of state.

“But I hope that the leader of Chechnya, and other leaders of Russian regions will come to realize the level and extent of its responsibilities and to the people who live in their territory, and Russia in General. And he comes to the understanding that to act or to formulate their attitude towards various opponents extreme ways is not a means to promote stability in our country. On the contrary, it means damage this stability. If that realization will come, and I’m sure it will be because they sincerely work for national interests, then there will be no such statements”, — said Putin.

“I guess this is my loss”, he concluded.