Reuters reported downed under Rachoy the plane of the Syrian air force

Warplane downed in Syria on Thursday 14 April, most likely belonged to the Syrian armed forces. About it reports Reuters with reference to the London-based Syrian Observatory for human rights. According to human rights activists, the pilot could escape.

The Agency reports that the Syrian Observatory received information that the radical group came and may have shot down a Syrian plane near the airport Halalah, North-East of the city of raqqa.

Earlier on the crash of a military aircraft in the vicinity of Raqqa reported the website of the Qatari TV company Al Jazeera, citing local sources.

Syrian activist Abu Mohammed, in his Twitter wrote that in raqqa was downed by a Russian aircraft.

Official representative of Russian defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov commenting on the reports about shot down in Syria of Russian aircraft, called them “informational provocations”.

“The message of the Qatari broadcaster allegedly shot down by terrorists of the ISIS (“Islamic state”, banned in Russia by the court) in the city of raqqa (Syria) the aircraft of the Russian space forces and information provocation,” the General said Konashenkov.

According to him, aviation aerospace defence forces on Thursday “in this area.” Moreover, all the aircraft of the Russian air group in Syria airbase Hamim.