The media learned about the role of the revived of the Presidium of the economic Council

According to the newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to several Federal officials revived the Presidium of the economic Council this year, will meet four times. In may, he will discuss the sources of economic growth, export promotion and import substitution. In June, the Presidium members would meet to talk about technological renewal of the economy in line with global trends. After the elections to the State Duma topics will be pension reform and demographic policy, and in November — long term budget strategy.

As for 2017, the Bureau will then discuss the system of public administration, improving the business environment, a new model of health care, enhancing the role of Russia in the Eurasian community and the development of the Far East.

Among the specific issues that can discuss the members of the Presidium may be increasing pressures on pension contributions and raising the retirement age, indicate the sources. According to political analyst Evgeny Minchenko, the reform stabilises pension reform will reduce the budget deficit, will lead to growth of economy and wages. In this case, he believes, will “sell” to the population before the election.

With regard to reforms of public administration, health and education, they can become projects, which will go to the polls in 2018. According to the chief economist BCS Vladimir Tikhomirov, unpopular reforms such as progressive personal income tax and reduction of the state apparatus can be held after the presidential elections.

According to officials, to prepare an economic programme for the Council will be Alexei Kudrin, however, a monopoly. In the government and the presidential administration are not all like that former Finance Minister may take one of the leadership positions in the Center for strategic research (CSR) (this post, according to the newspaper, he suggested). There is an opinion that the Bureau and is being revived to collect thither people of different views. “It starts with the struggle of economic elites during the pre — election agenda,” said the source “Vedomosti”.

April 11, a source close to the presidential administration, said that Kudrin may take one of the leadership positions in CSR. According to him, the former Minister of Finance discusses with Vladimir Putin a formal opportunity to write a new economic program of the government. “70 percent, that question will be positively solved”, — said the source .

As told familiar Kudrin, talks that he led the organization that will be responsible for the development of large-scale economic program, underway since the end of last year and the exact dates of their completion are unknown.

The April 12, Kudrin said on the sidelines of the Exchange forum that is considering a proposal to exercise a managerial position. He pointed out that it is not about working for the government and stated that the question of the development of alternative economic programmes outside government.

Dmitry Peskov, commenting on reports of the possible involvement Kudrin in writing the economic program, said that he was one of the best Finance Ministers in the world. “Of course, it would be wrong not to use his expertise to build this or other plans”, — said the press Secretary of the head of state. This Peskov said that wouldn’t now say, “in what forms will attract Kudrin”.

According to the interlocutor of “Sheets” in the presidential administration, Vladimir Putin’s environment has intensified jockeying for position before the elections of 2018, because they will start to search for the successor four years later. There will be a discussion about the feasibility of reforms between elections, but the decision taken by the President, says political analyst Mikhail Vinogradov. According to him, in the minds of the officials there is a conflict between the desire to participate in the reforms or their imitation, and a desire not to change anything.