“There is a sin, otmolit”: 10 striking quotes from the “straight line” with the President

“If someone decided to drown, to save him is impossible”

So Putin answered the question 12-year-old Varya Kuznetsova, who he saved first, but was drowning Petro Poroshenko and Recep Erdogan. Prior to that, he told me that Turkey and Turks are friends of Russia, but some Turkish politicians are behaving irresponsibly

“It is my life happy, all is well. I’m happy I’m OK too”

The President evaded the question of when he will represent the people’s first lady: “How would it not affect the currency or the price of oil”. He said that with ex-wife Lyudmila had “very good relations, it may be better than they were before”, and both are happy with your life. As for the new first lady, perhaps one day, Putin “will satisfy the curiosity of” asking the question.

“What you give, you take”

The President several times not answered the question sent by SMS, treat its domestic or imported medicines. At first he said he “tries to do this [drugs] is not to bring” and plays sports. On specifying question has added, making vaccination prior to influenza period. And only on the third question said that it accepts what is given, but assumes that this is the most simple drugs “cheap segment”. The origin of the drugs he mentioned.

“Nobody will help us, neither God, nor Tsar, nor hero”

It is better not to rely on any fairy tale characters, said the President of the children’s question about what he would have asked for a gold fish. “Even in Soviet times was song: no one will help us, neither God nor Tsar, nor hero”. So Putin inaccurately quoted the international hymn of the proletariat “international”: “Nobody will give us deliverance, neither God, nor Tsar, nor hero”.

“We in Russia can be represented in the form of a bribe greyhounds puppies, but violins and cellos, I never heard”

For the second time in the past two weeks, Putin commented, “Panama offshore”: a publication of the international investigative group ICIJ and OCCRP on offshore, through which people from the “inner circle” of the President could remove about two billion dollars. A week ago he told me that one of the participants of the investigation, the friend of his youth, cellist Sergei Roldugin, all earned used in the business money to buy musical instruments. In General, information is reliable, but complicated, said the President. “They stuck a finger in the sky, and maybe in another place unexpectedly”, he commented information about Roldugin. He spent a lot of money for the purchase of cellos and I have, said the President.

“He fought with us in the forest with weapons in their hands”

Journalist Sergei Dorenko, located in Gostiny Dvor, asked how the President evaluates the statements about “enemies of the people” (as the President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov called opposition leaders). “I know who you mean, one of the leaders of the Caucasian republics”, — said Putin, soon after calling, that we are talking about Chechnya. Putin appealed for understanding: “no one recruited, was not forced. He came to the conclusion that Chechnya should be with the Russian people and must be with Russia… It’s a very difficult transformation, but it really was on the inside”. In the Caucasus are hot people, becoming them as people employed by the state work will be difficult, but they will soon come to an understanding and ability to formulate their attitude to the opponents, said he hoped the head of state.

“The U.S. President is a decent man”

What President Barack Obama told about their mistakes in Libya, means that he’s a decent man, told without a hint of irony Putin. “Barack, as a Senator, criticized the administration for actions in Iraq. But, as President, made mistakes, about which he said in Libya. Not everyone can do it. It podmeshivayut from different parties, but [admit mistakes] can only be done by a strong person,” says Putin. “The bad news is that a series of errors continues. The same almost did in Syria,” said Putin.

“What am I supposed to think? Nothing”

The Ukrainian question in the course of this line was paid not very much time. The President was asked what he thinks about the new Ukrainian government is formed on Thursday. “What can I think? I don’t know its composition, priorities, what plans,” he said. How were the oligarchs in power in Ukraine, it is, was described by the President.

“What continues to say something every time?”

“Talking” Moscow, according to the President of Russia, representatives of the West every time it comes to the implementation of the Minsk agreements. “[The West] need to work with its partners in Kiev, he said. – The President and the Prime Minister, former and future, and all opposition is somehow connected with the Western countries. Well give an influence on them, then.”

“What continues to say something every time, what does Moscow have to do something?” he added. “All we had to do, that we fulfilled,” said Putin.

“There is such a sin, otmolit”

Putin said sometimes curses, “but only for themselves”. Such a sin is in Russia, he said.