Deputy Chairman and member of the management Board “Rosnano” became suspects in the case on embezzlement

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Deputy Chairman of the Corporation “RUSNANO” Yuri Udaltsov and member of the management Board Yakov Urinson held as defendants in the criminal case of embezzlement of budgetary funds, have informed on Friday “Interfax” with reference to an informed source. According to him, in 2013 against Udaltsov and Urinson were prosecuted — the investigators found in the actions of top managers misappropriation or embezzlement in especially large size (part 4 of article 160 of the criminal code).

The case against Udaltsov and Urinson were really excited three years ago, later they joined with the case ex-head of “Rosnanotech” (from the end of 2010, “RUSNANO”), Leonid Melamed, said the lawyer, “Rosnano” Alexander Asnis. Charges against Sergey Udaltsov and Urinson are not filed, they are held as suspects, said the lawyer, adding that no investigative actions with neither Udaltsov, nor Urinson was conducted.

Alexander Barkhatov, managing Director for corporate communications “RUSNANO”, in a conversation with said that can’t be argued that the Investigating Committee (IC) is expanding the lineup of suspects in connection with the consideration of the question of the guilt of the Melamed. “If we talk about the claims to SC against Sergey Udaltsov and Urinson, the timing of the investigation instigated against them three years ago, the case was repeatedly extended, and in the summer of 2015 merged into one with the case of the Melamed, but absolutely no charges to date have not been charged,” said Barkhatov. He said that the position of “RUSNANO” in the case remains the same: the Corporation does not find in the actions of the defendants in the case “nothing that would be detrimental”.

Urinson was mentioned in one of the cases on the spending budget: it can be associated with the activities of the company “Microbor nanotech”, was intended by the interlocutors . According to the state office of public Prosecutor, she brought abroad more than 65 million rbl., allocated of the state Corporation for the development of nanoindustry in Russia, and did not take measures to return these funds.

What of the cases 2013 were referred Udaltsov, is unknown. 1996-2000 Udaltsov was Director of the Moscow representation of Corporation “Karana Corporation”, 2000-2002 — General Director of OOO “Karana”, which was converted representation. The state office of public Prosecutor had claims to “Karan” wrote. Corporation “RUSNANO” was able to illegally transfer affiliated with officials of the state Corporation “Karana” and “Alemara” 300 million rubles for the work that was done independently, considered in the Supervisory Agency.

Udaltsov and Urinson has not yet responded to calls .

The main thing

In early 2013, the chamber conducted an audit of RUSNANO, on the revealed violations were filed four criminal cases on a number of articles followed from the report of the first Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia Alexander Buksman addressed to the name of the Deputy of the state Duma Oksana Dmitrieva in August 2014. Sources told that till 2015 all the cases investigated in the slow mode and the defendants “do not touch”, “no concerns with the likely publicity and arrests, was not” clarified one of the employees of the Corporation. By the end of spring or early summer of 2015 “it went,” says another source familiar with the progress of the investigation.

Leonid Melamed was detained in early July 2015. He is accused of embezzling 227 million rubles According to the investigation, in 2008 and 2009 Melamed, as well as being the co-owner of investment-financial Corporation “Alemar”, concluded the contract on rendering of consulting services between the company and Rosnanotech and in six months “proteges” Melamed, Andrey Malyshev and Svyatoslav Ponurov illegally transferred funds allocated to the Corporation from the state budget, as a property contribution. When this services was the responsibility of the state, according to law enforcement.

The Melamed doesn’t admit the guilt. During court sessions in July 2015 the ex-head of “Rosnanotech” insisted that the consequence is vain and believes Malysheva Ponurova “under its control”. According to Melamed, neither he nor Malyshev, nor Ponurov could not initiate a contract which is imputed to them as a type of theft: “At that time I no longer worked at the Corporation, it was not the level or Ponurova Malysheva”. At the end of February 2016 Basmanny court extended the house arrest of the Melamed until 11 June 2016.

Svyatoslav Ponurov was arrested in the summer of 2015, now he is in jail. Malyshev, arrested in absentia in March 2016, at the same time he was declared internationally wanted, said the representative of the Basmanny court Juno Tsarev.

From the moment of detention Melamed, the defendants in earlier criminal cases began to leave Russia, wrote. However, by the end of 2015, almost all of them returned to Russia. In July 2015, two sources close to the Melamed told that Anatoly Chubais, head of RUSNANO, in the day of judgment on the measure of restraint former partner associated with head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov. The result of the conversation, they suggested, was the softening of a measure of restraint to the Melamed from detention in jail to house arrest.