Family income of the government is almost two times higher than the income in the Kremlin

Family income of members of the government in 2015 amounted to a total of 1,976 billion rubles of the Total income of President Vladimir Putin, employees of the Kremlin administration and members of their families in 2015 – 1,117 billion rubles.

In 2014 the total income of the members of the government, their spouses and children, according to the declarations amounted to $ 1,581 bn In the Kremlin the total income including the income of the President and members of families of officials, specified in the declarations, in 2014 amounted to $ 1,078 billion rubles.

President Vladimir Putin declared the income for 2015 in the amount of 8,89 million rubles more than 1.2 million rubles higher than the income of Putin in 2014. Income Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has also increased, but not significantly so — with 8,05 mln. in 2014 to 8.7 million rubles in 2015.

The leader of the household income in the Kremlin became the President’s press Secretary and Deputy head of the administration Dmitry Peskov. Together with his wife, Olympic champion Tatyana navkey they declared a joint income of is 125.8 million rubles a Large part of this amount (89 mln.) fell on income of the grooves. The athlete earned more than all of the wives of Kremlin officials.

In the government the largest net revenue in 2015, received the family of the Minister for “open government Minister Mikhail Abyzov. In sum, he and his wife declared 456,3 million rubles that Is almost twice the family income declared by the end of 2014 (230 million rubles). Official in accordance with the requirements of the legislation transferred all assets into trust, so the income “derived out of profits from the sale of securities, obligations and property, as well as the profits from asset management”, gave a comment Abyzov his representative.